We understand that systemic health is connected to oral health and choosing to improve your overall health, both physically and mentally, while perfecting your smile is the ideal way to keep your general wellbeing up to speed. And it can be as easy as running a few simple tests, followed by the respective treatment if necessary, and most of which on the same day.

  • Vitamin D Test: Discover Vitamin D levels or deficiency in 15 minutes with a tiny prick on your finger.
  • Metal Toxicity and Mineral Absorption Test: Specific diagnostics to determine the type of exposure and need for treatment.
  • Metal Hypersensitivity-Allergy Test: Clinically validated blood test which measures hypersensitivity to multiple metals from a single sample.
  • Biofrequency Test: This highly advanced and versatile Rife system will detect the negative frequencies that are damaging your body, treating and balancing them for optimal health. 
  • Autonomic Response Test: Based on Dr. Klinghardt’s World Leading Biological technique, the ART allows for a much deeper level of testing for a wider variety of root causes of illness, including specific infections, toxins, inflammation and emotional disturbances.
  • Advanced Non-invasive Cancer Test: Check for cancer cells and location (if you have metastasis and the quantity of malignant cells). A specific therapy for these malignant cells can be performed. Ideal for early diagnosis and cancer patients.  
  • Vitamin Absorption Test: Discover what vitamins you are deficient in and what is the most accurate daily dose you should take.
  • Parasites Exam: Check your gut microbiome, which parasites are present and may be harming your body. 
  • High Precision Hormonal Exams: Test sex hormones and their metabolites, the overall diurnal pattern of free cortisol and the total distribution of cortisol metabolites. OATs provides insight into nutritional deficiencies, oxidative stress, gut dysbiosis, melatonin, neuroinflammation, etc.
  • High Precision Genetic Tests: DNA tests focus on health management, dietary disposition, athletic performance and drug metabolism. Each test provides insight into a patient’s genetic code – sensitivities, susceptibilities and indicators for true health potential.
  • Autoimmune Tests: Accurately diagnose Lyme disease (including the patient’s strain) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. 
  • Aging-related Diseases Test: DNA to identify inherited genetic traits associated to the development of serious medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, coronary artery disease and sudden cardiac death. 
  • Anti-Aging Combo Test: Tests mitochondria stress, oxidative stress, toxicity and methylation process related to aging. 

Track your health, lifestyle and initiate improvements in one single session with our Same Day Tests & Treatments.

*Some test results require 2 weeks, others can be delivered on the same day.