Whole body wellness

Feel stronger and beautiful

We understand the importance of simultaneously enhancing oral health and general health, which is why we expertly merge Biological Dentistry with Immune Boosting Therapies.


We also understand that each patient is unique, as is the season of life they are in and their specific needs at that time: strengthen your immune system, ward off illness, feel the energy running through your body, smile at how radiant your skin looks, feel the confidence that is being healthy.

100% biological, immunological and general health boosters

Our exclusive Immune Boosting Therapies are designed to be administered in combination with our Biological Dentistry treatments, in order to improve the mouth-body connection, enhance overall wellbeing and promote quality of life. Based on scientific evidence and supported by the most high-end technology and medical-hospital grade products, these are powerful and personalised wellness protocols.

Nutritional Multivitamin and Mineral Infusion

Vitamin C Booster Infusion

Vitamin D Booster Infusion

Vitamin B Complex Infusion

Vitamin D3 + K3 Infusion

NAD+ Infusion

Mitochondria Infusion

Magnesium Infusion

Glutathione Infusion

Venofer Infusion

Resveratol Infusion

Methyl B12 Infusion

Turmeric Curcumin Infusion

These therapies are done in combination with your biological dental dentistry treatments. It’s part of the powerful mouth-body connection.

Photobiomodulation Therapy

Bioelectromagnetic Regulation



Boost your wellness with our biological immunotherapies.

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