We don’t believe in settling for the status quo. That’s why we work every day to eliminate wasted time, energy and resources and drive our operations to be better, faster and lower in cost for our patients.


On our digital photography studio, initial and final photographs that follow a certain protocol, are taken. This allows a better diagnosis and treatment anticipation, as well as planification of the case.

All our dental offices have an intra-oral camera; these help the doctors identify problems and improves the efficiency of the treatments. Its lens works as human eye and allows an easy capture of explicit and detailed images that helps the patients understanding and visualization.

CT Scan

The scull 3D x-ray is a complementary method of diagnosis fundamental to planning surgical interventions. It allows for the study of ‘cuts’ or cross-cutting sections of the human body. It enables density distinction, volume and bone availability, as well as the diagnosis and study of malformations.

Digital panoramic and periapical x-ray

Digital technology exposes the patient to reduced level s of radiation and is essential in planning and dental treatments. It enables the detection of pathologies like cavities, abscesses, and fractures in their initial phase. It is also essential for root visualization, placement of implants and endodontics.

Digital Smile Design

Using the latest 3D technology, the Digital Smile Design allows digital planning of the smile offering the patient a unique opportunity to see their treatment even before it begins. The smile created is personalized for each patient, respecting the physical characteristics and personality of each person and guarantees an aesthetic result.

Advanced and minimal invasive surgery

At White Clinic we use the latest technologies in our surgical acts, two distinct techniques used are Piezomed® and PRF®:

‘Piezomed’® is a surgical tool that aids the oral surgeon /implantologist’s work due to its innovating ultrasonic technology. It helps in the reduction of pain and allows the acceleration of the scarring process because the soft tissue remains intact.

The concept of PRF® (Platelet Rich Fibrin) is based on the centrifugation of whole blood without anticoagulants. This recent technique, only discovered in 2001 by the French doctor Joseph Choukroun, has revolutionised oral regeneration techniques. This fibrin clot called Platelet Riche Fibrin or PRF® will release gradually and growth factors or cytokines in the site which benefit the scarring process and regeneration of the surgical wound. The expected objective of these growth factors is to accelerate the soft tissue and bone healing.


Gold standard protocol

We follow the international standard of excellence

Guided surgery

Oral guided surgery estimates the utilisation of computerized tomography (CBCT) images of the patient for the planning and execution of implant surgery by way of computerised software.

This innovative technique improves detailed planning, precision and the implant surgery itself. Before the surgery, impressions identical to the patient’s teeth are taken. A CBCT is performed in order to allow the study of the case using specific software and assist the surgical guide based on the prior study.

This revolutionary technique offers many benefits such as better precision, safety, a more exact prediction of the treatment involved and a shorter surgical procedure. By using a technique without ‘retail’ offers reduced scarring time, less bleeding and pain. In addition, it offers the possibility to facilitate immediate loading which means to have fixed teeth over the implants on the day of the surgery.


The microscope enables the detection of any anatomy variation that might exist and increase the safety of the procedures during the treatment. This apparatus is used in the endodontics’ department with the aim to minimise the obscurity of the operatory campus, as it offers higher magnification and luminosity, favouring the procedures resulting in better quality work.

Magnifying glasses

The binocular graduated lenses provide better precision due to their magnification. These are costume made to adapt not only to the doctor’s vision but also to the way they work. These prismatic lenses provide a magnification that allows the surgeon to work in minimal detail, resulting in a more precise esthetical and biological work, as well as a faster and safer procedure.


ATP 38 is the latest technology in the process of healing, analgesic and anti-inflammatory matters. The device functions according to the LLLT (Low-level light therapy) principle, which is characterised by eight pure wavelengths. They are transmitted locally on parts of the body and captured by weakened cells. Through deep penetration to the heart of the cells, the wavelengths stimulate and accelerate their regeneration process.


This is an advanced impression material that offers excellent flow properties which allow the capture of fine details for precise impressions. These impressions provide the laboratory maximum details resulting in a highly precise final work. It also helps to obtain an accurate impression on the first take, reducing the need for costly adjustments, remakes and retakes.


CS 3600 intraoral scanner is the most recent and advanced intraoral scanner available in the world. It allows digital acquisition of dental impressions with great accuracy, replacing analog impressions in which the materials used are sometimes very uncomfortable to the patients. This new intraoral scanner was designed to simplify and making faster the scanning process, according to a press release. Also, it generate 3D images in high-definition.

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