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Technological and digital dental centre

With a complete in-house lab, White Clinic has always been a technology and digital first dental centre, adopting the use of any and all high-tech equipment that improves workflows and upholds work ethic, allowing the seamless planning and execution of treatment protocols that ensure the safety and comfort of both patients and staff.

Intraoral Scanner

An intraoral scanner allows for immediate high precision dental impressions with great accuracy, replacing messy analogue impressions that are sometimes very uncomfortable for patients. Our intraoral scanners were all designed to simplify and speed up the scanning process and, according to studies, also generate better 3D images in high-definition. We have multiple scanners in the clinic and are always up-to-date with the latest versions and models of this dental technology.

Dental Laser

We use state-of-the-art ER YAG lasers with advanced sapphire tips for comfortable and anxiety-free dental consultations: no drilling, no vibration, softer sounds and scientifically proven results. Non-invasive laser dentistry means minimal discomfort and less need for anaesthetic, reduced post-op complications and quicker healing, with no need for antibiotics in most cases. Covering all areas of dentistry, including biological dentistry, immune dentistry, pediatric dentistry, aesthetic treatments, gum surgery, root canal treatments, oral surgery and implant dentistry, this dental technology is the ultimate way to remove all the uncomfortable feelings associated with going to the dentist, and replace them with a calm dental experience.

CBCT – 3D Scan

Our latest generation, low radiation digital Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) 3D X-ray scan is an essential method of diagnosis and also used in planning all surgical interventions. It allows the study of “cuts” or cross-cutting sections of the entire skull, including sinuses and airways obstruction, important for sleep apnea. It also enables density distinction, volume and bone availability, as well as the diagnosis and study of malformations and anything else that might be affecting oral health in particular and overall health in general. Our system has an amazing MAR – Metal Artefact Reduction software that affords a very clear image. We are now in our 3rd generation but have used this dental technology in our office since 2008, allowing us to see so much more during a first consultation than most dentists.

Digital Periapical X-ray

Digital X-ray technology exposes the patient to reduced levels of radiation and is an essential tool in the non-toxic dentistry we practice. We believe this is a critical tool for the advanced dental practice and have worked with this technology since 1999. It enables the detection of pathologies like cavities, abscesses, and fractures in their initial phase. These super low dose X-rays are critical in keeping a digital record of teeth. Our high-quality files go back 20 years.

Computer Assisted Smile Design

Using the latest 3D scanners and printers, the Smile Design dental technology allows the planning of a smile, offering the patient a unique opportunity to see their treatment on a computer and also in their own mouth even before we start. It’s like a “test drive” of your future smile. The smile created is customised for each individual patient, respecting the physical characteristics and personality of each person, and guarantees an amazing and unique natural-looking aesthetic result. Better oral health, beautiful smiles.

Computer Guided Surgery

Guided surgery uses CBCT images to plan and execute precision implant surgery. This innovative technique improves the implant surgery itself, making it faster, easier and more efficient for the surgeon and patient. Before the dental surgery, 3D impressions scans are taken and studied with a team of surgeons and technicians. In many cases, it involves faster healing, less bleeding and pain, and offers the possibility to perform immediate loading, which means teeth are fixed over the implants on the same day of the surgery. We have been doing this since 2014 with amazing results.

ATP38 – Photobiomodulation

The Swiss developed ATP38 is the latest technology in advanced biohacking and recovery. It accelerates healing, reduces pain, has anti-inflammatory capacities, and so much more. This technology functions according to the LLLT principle (low-level light therapy), characterised by eight pure light wavelengths. They are transmitted directly to different parts of the body, without touching, and captured by weakened cells. Through deep penetration to the core of our cells, the wavelengths stimulate and accelerate their regeneration process by activating energy production in our mitochondrion and consequently boosting the immune system. It has NASA patented technology incorporated.

Gold Standard Protocols


Nitrous Sedation

It’s not just safe for children, but it’s also amazing for adults that suffer from dental phobia. We have one of the most advanced units for conscious sedation (laughing gas – nitrous oxide), that has been consistently used to ensure stress-free appointments.

Navident: Guided Navigation Surgery

One of the most advanced technologies in the world today, the Navident is a very rare dental technology that allows for immediate guided navigation in implant dentistry and other complex oral surgeries that require careful and critical understanding of potential complications. This technology incorporates the patient’s 3D CT scan into a specific software that adapts to the dentist’s surgical tools, allowing them to understand, in real time, where they are working inside the skull. Maximise outcome, minimise risk.

Dental Ozone

For many years now, we have been using an advanced ozone generator to allow our dentists to apply this important gas into the bone socket after dental extraction. This ensures a much better decontamination of the bone that is critical to allowing the body to heal better.

Advanced Ultrasonic Piezo Surgery

Essential for our unique advanced bone healing protocols, this allows us to work efficiently and silently without heating the bone. No drilling, as this damages the bone. We have a large array of diamond-coated tops that allow our surgeons to safely ensure that we get the job done without any damage to healthy bone and gum. Dental technology that helps heal, powerfully and safely.

Enhanced Vision

The microscope lenses with LED lighting provide better precision due to their magnification. These are custom-made and adapted, not only to the doctor’s vision, but also to the way they work. These prismatic lenses provide a magnification that allows the surgeon to work on each minute detail, resulting in more precise aesthetic and biological dentistry work, as well as a faster and better performed procedure.


PRF: Platelet Rich Fibrin

We have published multiple articles including several chapters in bestselling books on the topic of Platelet Rich Fibrin or PRF in dentistry. There is a big distinction between PRP and PRF: the latter, which we have been using extensively in all our dental surgeries for many years now, has the potential for generating stem cells, consequently offering much better healing properties. All of our surgical procedures involve this technology.


This disruptive dental technology allows our team to use software to understand the contact points between teeth. Not only does it understand what teeth are under the most pressure when you bite, but which teeth touch first, which is quite groundbreaking in the sense that it will help our dentists best manage patient occlusion or bite. We’ve been using this dental technology since 2015, and it’s an extraordinary tool that we always apply, from a simple single tooth restoration to full mouth rehabilitation.

Milling Machines

Our in-house dental lab boasts some of the most advanced technology in the world, which allows us to immediately work on patient cases. We go to great lengths to ensure that our patients have nothing but the best available technology at their service. Starting with two of the latest and most advanced dental robot milling machines – these make it possible to mill new teeth out of the most advanced materials on the market with incredible precision and speed. This is proactive, positive dentistry.

3D Printer

We are always up-to-date with the latest 3D printer in dentistry, and use this technology daily for multiple purposes. From Smile Design, to testing the shape and size of teeth before going into the final ceramics, allowing patients to see if they like the shape of the teeth before the final ones are manufactured. This is a great tool to allow practitioners and patients to see everything before beginning.

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