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Dr. Miguel Stanley is a pioneer in several areas. From a published book, to TEDx talks and the only dentist in the world to host a documentary on dentistry with National Geographic. He is globally recognised for his numerous scientific articles, talks on science and ethics, webinars and his presence on the main stages of dentistry around the world. His true passion is seeing patients in the clinic and helping them heal and get their smiles back.

One of the world’s most recognised dentists

He was nominated one of the top 100 dentists in the world by his peers in 2020.

A dentist who has been talking about and practicing dentistry of the future for over 20 years

Dr. Miguel Stanley is the founder and Clinical Director of White Clinic. A dentist since 1998, when he graduated from I.S.C.S. – Egas Moniz, Portugal, followed by a postgraduate degree in implant dentistry in 1999 at the Bränemark Institute (CEOSA). He later studied cosmetic dentistry in 2001, in Madrid; and in 2005 took a practical course in functional aesthetics and occlusion in Chicago. He was the first Portuguese dentist to become an active member of the leading online platform in the USA, Dental XP. He is an Adjunct Professor of Restorative and Preventive Dentistry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Dr. Stanley is a board member of the Digital Dentistry Society and part of the following organisations: IOAMT, SBOE-Brazil, BACD, AAID, OMD, GDC and a few others, as well as an Ambassador for: Humble Smile Foundation, Slow Dentistry (as well as Co-Founder), Clean Implant Foundation, The Foundation for Excellence in Dentistry and has recently been invited to be part of the prestigious International College of Dentists. Dr. Stanley completes more than 200 hours of continuing education in advanced dentistry techniques each year. He is licensed to practice in Dubai, the U.K. and Portugal, but only does so in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Over 20 years shaping dentistry as we know it

White Clinic Dr Miguel Stanley DDS

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For more than 16 years, Dr. Miguel Stanley has been invited to give lectures and share his work philosophy – “No Half Smiles” and “Life Changing Dentistry” – all over the world. He has spoken in more than 50 countries, in 4 different languages, mainly focused on the areas of oral surgery, implantology, dental aesthetics, and medical and clinical management, always centred on ethics and the importance of taking care of the emotional component of the patient. He also created and produced seven television “makeover” programs in Portugal – “Dr. I Need Help” and “Dr. White”. He was part of CBS’s “The Doctors” program in Hollywood in 2013. “Health on the Road to Happiness” is the title of the book he wrote in 2012, edited by the largest Portuguese publisher, the Leya Group. He is now proudly implementing everything he has learned throughout his career at White Clinic, a dental clinic with a world-class multidisciplinary team, as well as sharing his knowledge across the four corners of the world with dentists and the medical industry.

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One of the world’s most influential dentists

10 million people reached annually
More than 200 lectures and webinars
Talks in over 50 countries
Many published articles
TV appearances

Pioneering spirit and passion for advanced dentistry

Thinking ahead in dentistry is predicting problems and preparing to avoid them, many years before they happen. His webinars and articles are recognised worldwide for their innovation and contribution to the future of dentistry.

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Lecture Circuit, Dr. Miguel Stanley


2nd Digital Dentistry Society (DDS) Global Congress
4-6 – November

BACD Annual Conference
11-13 – November

Online lecture Universitá Degli Studi di Brescia
Brescia, Italy

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