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Dr. Miguel Stanley is a famous dentist and a pioneer in several areas. From a published book, to TEDx talks and the only dentist in the world to host a documentary on dentistry with National Geographic. He is globally recognised for his numerous scientific articles, webinars and lectures on the biggest stages in the world on science, implant surgery, aesthetic dentistry, complex diagnostics and ethics. His true passion is seeing patients in the clinic every day and uncovering the root causes of their problems and targeting the causes of inflammation, helping them heal and get their health back, as well as an amazing smile.

One of the world’s most recognised dentists

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Dr. Miguel Stanley was recently nominated one of the top dentists in the world by his peers and named one of the “32 Most Influential People in Dentistry”.

Dr. Miguel Stanley is a private practitioner and a passionate advocate for ethics and quality dentistry with a focus on biological and functional full mouth rehabilitation.

Dr. Miguel Stanley is a private practitioner and a passionate advocate for ethics and quality dentistry with a focus on biological and functional full mouth rehabilitation.

Dr. Miguel Stanley is the visionary founder and clinical director of the esteemed White Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal, an internationally acclaimed dental centre revered for its excellence. At the helm, Dr. Stanley leads a highly qualified team, attracting patients from across the globe since 1999.

As the co-founder of the Slow Dentistry Global Network®, a nonprofit organisation, Dr. Stanley champions the enhancement of patient experience and safety in dental care, with a global presence spanning over 60 countries. His commitment extends to serving as the Vice President of the Digital Dentistry Society, reflecting his dedication to advancing the field.

Dr. Miguel Stanley, holding licenses in the UK and Dubai, has chosen Portugal as his practice base. Recognised for pioneering clinical implementation in cutting-edge technologies, he serves as a consultant and key opinion leader for industry-leading companies and dental societies.

An adjunct associate professor at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania (Upenn), Dr. Stanley’s influence extends worldwide with over 250 keynote presentations in 50+ countries. His expertise covers advanced implantology, prosthodontics, oral surgery, aesthetics, practice management, new technologies and ethics, encapsulated in his renowned “No Half Smiles®” treatment philosophy.

Dr. Miguel Stanley, a TEDx speaker and National Geographic documentary host, recently earned accolades as one of the “32 Most Influential People in Dentistry” by Incisal Edge magazine in the US. Actively driving innovation, he introduces novel concepts and therapies at White Clinic, delving into regenerative medicine, longevity, and the development of biological, integrative and functional dentistry and medicine.

Recently, Dr. Miguel Stanley co-founded Missing Link, the world’s first artificial intelligence that helps the medical community communicate better with dentists by means of scanning dental x-rays for hidden silent pathologies that could be disrupting systemic health. This technology was developed to support Dr. Stanley’s concept of “Immune Dentistry”, connecting oral disease to systemic disease.

Dr. Miguel Stanley spends most of his days in the clinic working with his team, transforming and improving the lives of his patients.

Explore his insights further through his podcast “Biting into Healthcare”, and delve into his impactful work at miguelstanley.com.

Over 24 years shaping dentistry as we know it

24 anos a transformar a medicina dentária

24 anos a transformar a medicina dentária

Over 24 years shaping dentistry as we know it

White Clinic Dr Miguel Stanley DDS

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For many years, Dr. Miguel Stanley has been invited to give lectures and share his work and treatment philosophy and concepts – “No Half Smiles” , “Life Changing Dentistry” – all over the world. He has spoken in more than 50 countries, in 4 different languages, mainly focused on the areas of oral surgery, implantology, dental aesthetics, and medical and clinical management, always centred on the link between oral health and general health, on ethics and the importance of taking care of the emotional component of the patient. He also created and produced seven television “makeover” programs in Portugal – “Dr. I Need Help” and “Dr. White”. He was part of CBS’s “The Doctors” program in Hollywood in 2011/2012. “Health on the Road to Happiness” is the title of the book he wrote in 2012, edited by the largest Portuguese publisher, the Leya Group. Dr. Miguel Stanley is now proudly implementing everything he has learned throughout his career at White Clinic, a dental clinic with a world-class multidisciplinary team, as well as sharing his knowledge across the four corners of the world with dentists and the medical industry. He recently co-authored a book, “Cavitational Osteonecrosis in Jawbone: A Guide to Jawbone Detox”, with Prof. Dr. (Phd) Johann Lechner.

Dr. Miguel Stanely: one of the world’s most influential dentists

10 million people reached annually
More than 200 lectures and webinars
Talks in over 50 countries
Many published articles
TV appearances
A relevant podcast called “Biting into Healthcare”

Pioneering spirit and passion for advanced dentistry

Thinking ahead in dentistry is predicting problems and preparing to avoid them, many years before they happen. Dr. Miguel Stanley’s webinars and articles are recognised worldwide for their innovation and contribution to the future of dentistry, premium oral healthcare, overall wellness and longevity.

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