Welcome to one of the
safest dental clinics in the world

Welcome to one of the safest dental clinics in the world

We’ve been following the highest safety and hygiene standards for more than 24 years

We are the first Slow Dentistry® certified clinic in Portugal, a philosophy founded by our Clinical Director, Dr. Miguel Stanley, that guarantees the maximum protection and safety for our patients and our team.

Because it takes time to clean, disinfect, perform exams, prepare medical treatments, and speak with patients. It takes time to guarantee a safe space, and we’re certain that the time invested is worth it. We are 100% aligned with ethical dentistry.

We are ruthless when it comes to hygiene

Medical offices, equipment, doors, surfaces, floor, footwear, clothing, air; everything at White Clinic is disinfected several times a day, regardless of how long it may take. This is Slow Dentistry®. This is how we guarantee your safety. We have worked this way for 24 years.

Non-clinical surfaces cleaning

We regularly clean all surfaces, from the floor to non-clinical areas; doorknobs and bathrooms are also cleaned with an antiviral, antifungal and anti-bactericidal detergent. Cleaning is always done from top to bottom, that is, first the higher surfaces and then the floor.

Hand hygiene

The entire technical and non-technical team washes their hands regularly, for at least 20 seconds, after each break (either to have coffee or to go to the bathroom) and at regular intervals.

Exclusive area for the technical team

We have an area that is exclusively reserved for the circulation of personnel from the clinic’s technical team, done only with appropriate clothing and footwear (disinfected). Technical clothing and footwear are not worn outside the clinical facilities. A specific hand sanitiser is available at the entrance of the clinic, as well as in every office, reception, bathroom and technical rooms.

Disinfecting packages

All packages (UPS, DHL, laboratories, etc.) are cleaned and disinfected before being transported to the “clean” area – both the box and its contents.

Office cleaning and disinfection

Each office is properly cleaned and disinfected between dental appointments, according to hygiene and safety recommendations. Once applied, we let the products sit for at least 10 minutes, so that the cleaning products ensure their bactericidal, fungicidal and antiviral effects.

Respect social distancing

When patients arrive at the reception, handshakes should be avoided and we ask that hands are washed and disinfected. Our team greets everyone without any physical contact, in order to avoid risks. The temperature of our employees is measured regularly, so that they can be excused if there is any change in their health.

Personal protection

The clinical team uses disposable gowns and caps, glasses, protective visors and masks during all treatments. Personal protective equipment is also available for patients before entering the treatment area and will be safely disposed of after use.

Pre-Treatment Intraoral Disinfection

Before any observation or dental treatment, the patient must rinse with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) during 1 minute and then with chlorhexidine for another minute. This is shown to help reduce the viral load.

Safer procedures

All procedures that generate aerosols have a highly efficient aspiration ensured by those who provide assistance, as well as high-powered Swiss HEPA filters. This way, we can guarantee the maximum reduction of aerosols dissipated during procedures, such as scaling and restorations, among others. The rubber dam is crucial for all dental procedures where its use is possible. We consistently uphold and practice non-toxic dentistry.

Technology for safety

Every room is regularly ventilated and we use disinfectant air fresheners between appointments to purify and disinfect the air. We have multiple hospital grade Swiss HEPA filters to filter the air in the reception and in the treatment rooms. Air circulation and air conditioning filters are renewed and sanitised regularly.

EMF certification

White Clinic is an EMF certified clinic: we are equipped with technology that promotes effective protection against electromagnetic radiation emitted by devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, Wi-Fi routers and others. Electromagnetic radiation can compromise post-op recovery and healing – we ensure that your health and wellbeing are protected as soon as you walk into the clinic.

Precautions in shared areas

  • The waiting room does not have any magazines or books.
  • We avoid excess furniture for better cleaning and disinfection.
  • Patients must maintain a social distance between them.
  • We avoid having too many people in the common areas.
  • Non-essential people remain outside the clinic’s facilities, or in the building’s atrium, until the patient they are accompanying concludes their treatment. This does not apply to children and people with special needs, who must also follow special protective measures.

Safety guidelines for the patient

  • You should not wear too many accessories (jewellery, for example).
  • If you show symptoms of an infectious disease, dental treatment may be refused.
  • Companions should wait outside the clinic and not in the office.
  • We recommend a shower before your dental appointment.
  • If you register a high temperature, treatment may be refused.
  • If you have a cold/cough, you should avoid going to the clinic.
  • COVID-19 screening may be requested prior to treatment.

Reputation and credibility

Count on us and enjoy the future of dentistry right here, in Portugal.
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