One of the most advanced dental labs in the world is ours

Our in-house dental lab

We are one of the best equipped private clinics in the world: human resources, health resources, technological resources. What many people don’t know is that we also have an in-house dental lab that allows us to immediately start working on a patient’s case. This means we not only have quality control over everything that is created and produced, but are also more efficient and more affordable. It means our patients are not kept waiting. It means we continuously achieve precise, life-enhancing, long-lasting results.

Tabletop Scanners

Our in-house dental lab is superbly equipped with some of the most innovative technology on the market, starting with tabletop scanners that allow the capture of detailed, 3D images of physical dental impressions, prototypes or moulds, that can then be expertly integrated with various CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software programs used to design definite dental restorations such as crowns, bridges and implants. This technology can also be applied to the design and production of orthodontic appliances.

Wash & Cure Stations

Essential equipment for the post-processing phase of 3D printed dental parts, the washing station ensures that everything is deep cleaned in order to remove any remaining resin. The curing station uses ultraviolet light to harden the 3D printed parts and guarantee optimal strength and durability. An incredible resource that is both practical and efficient, resulting in consistent, high standard dental parts.

Dental Furnaces

Ultra specialised ovens used for heating and treating a variety of dental materials such as crowns, bridges, dentures and orthodontic appliances, this resourceful equipment is used for crucial processes – sintering, firing, annealing – which ensure workflow efficiency, consistency, dental part robustness and superior aesthetic quality.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, advanced materials and an expert team that knows exactly what they are doing, our in-house lab is an evolving hub for the future of dentistry.

CAD/CAM Software

Aligned with progressive equipment is advanced software such as Exocad and 3Shape – specifically conceived for the dental industry, namely for designing dental prostheses and restorations. With intuitive interfaces, this standout technology allows the creation of precise and personalised dental designs, which can then be sent directly to 3D printers or milling machines. Complete solutions that enable streamlined digital workflows and highly accurate, aesthetically pleasing clinical results.

Milling Machines

We go to great lengths to ensure that our patients have nothing but the best available technology at their service – the latest and most advanced dental robot milling machines are another great example. This premium equipment makes it possible to mill new teeth out of the most cutting-edge materials on the market with incredible precision and speed.

3D Printers

We are always up-to-date with the latest 3D printers for dentistry, and use this technology daily for multiple purposes. From Smile Design, to testing the shape and size of teeth before going into the final ceramics, allowing patients to see if they like the shape of the teeth before the final ones are manufactured. This is a great tool to allow both practitioners and patients to completely visualise the entire planned treatment before it begins.

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