Biological Dentistry


Biological Dentistry, Holistic Dentistry, Immune Dentistry and even Regenerative Dentistry as part of our vision for integrative medicine and whole body healthcare.

A form of advanced dentistry that focuses on a deeper understanding that your teeth and supporting bone are highly connected to your brain and the rest of your body.

While mainstream dentistry focuses primarily on mechanical issues, a biological dentist will focus primarily on your immune system and your neuropathic system. Focusing on removing all toxicity and inflammation from your teeth and surrounding bone to help you regain your vitality, energy and systemic health.

If you are sick and your doctors cannot seem to figure out what’s going on with you or you are being told that you have an autoimmune disease caused by chronic inflammation, your old dental treatments may be contributing to this and causing you harm. 

Chronic inflammation and infections around poorly treated teeth may be causing you serious health problems that no one else can see but your dentist, if trained to look for them. A biological dentist is. Unfortunately, many of these problems never cause pain and so patients don’t know there is a problem. Sometimes, poor quality dentistry can cause issues that can go as far back as 50 years. But, as long as we use advanced technology and have a well-trained eye and are focused on the immune system and neurological activity, as well as ensuring a healthy mouth, we can help you heal in more ways than one. We have helped many patients from around the world get their entire health back, not just their smiles.

The mouth is connected to the body in a very complex way and this is overlooked by most physicians and dentists alike. 

The better your oral health, the stronger your entire system will be.

The White Clinic is a recognised world leader in advanced dentistry, yet we are also biological dentists. We have been mercury-free and mercury-safe since opening, 22 years ago, and only use the latest biocompatible materials. We have complete metal-free options for everything including implant dentistry. 

Advanced Biological Dentistry or Regenerative Dentistry is the next level of dentistry, and looks at the human body as a whole, combining various areas of dentistry with the holistic component of general medicine. Everything is connected. 

Most patients tell us their energy levels, emotional issues, as well as chronic fatigue problems were drastically improved after our treatments, and their doctors and loved ones see dramatic improvements in their general health after we remove and treat all interferences from the mouth.

For example, our dental extractions follow a unique protocol to disinfect the extraction site to prevent future cavitation infections (FDOJ & NICO) with ozone therapy, powerful Er-Yag laser and an individualised program of regenerative medicine for rapid healing using growth factors (Platelet Rich Fibrin, known as PRF) and photobiomodulation LLLT. Along with IV supplements and endolaser therapy, these are just some of our exclusive immune support treatments.

At White Clinic we have mastered the domains of advanced implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and can deliver exceptional dentistry faster and more efficiently than most clinics, thanks to our incredible technology and surgical protocols. We have a long history of treating failed cases from all over the world with remarkable results, this is why our founder Dr. Miguel Stanley lectures so extensively. We implement biological dentistry as a fundamental belief that whatever we do in your mouth can lead to implications in your immune system and overall health, from a biological perspective as well as a mechanical one, such as your posture, for example. We aim to deliver an integrative and holistic dental health treatment plan that not only gives you a great smile but a functional one that improves your health and reduces inflammation, as well as giving you back control of your overall wellness.

Did you know that…

Dental chairs have had an amalgam-mercury filter since 1999, which is one of the most used toxic materials in the world to treat caries, containing mercury, a neurotoxin for humans and the environment.

Each year the oceans are more polluted with this highly toxic material. For more than 22 years White Clinic has used a specific solution to filter this material and prevent it from entering the sewage system.

Since 1996 our Clinical Director, Dr. Miguel Stanley, has banned the use of this material in his practice. Over the decades we have been using more biocompatible materials that are Biphenol free. We are part of the IAOMT and always advocate the practice of non-toxic dentistry.

Our Biological Dentistry Department was created to help improve correlation between chronic inflammation in the mouth and general health problems, working with leading doctors and scientists around the world on this.

The results are unbelievable. High-profile athletes who are concerned about their performance, patients with autoimmune diseases, chronic illness and chronic inflammation who sought advice from doctors in different fields and specialties of medicine, such as neurologists and general practitioners, were not finding the root cause of the problem and with our help have found dramatic improvement.

Most of our patients are referred by therapists around the world who follow a more biological and holistic health philosophy, that understand the importance of diagnosing the correlation between the internal disharmony of our body and our dental problems.

During our interventions, all metals are safely removed and replaced with biocompatible materials, as well as failed endodontic treatments, foreign bodies, and infections in the bone, known as FDOJ: Fatty Degenerative Osteomyelitis of the Jaw or its painful version, NICO: Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis. We use advanced HEPA filters and Slow Dentistry principles to ensure no toxic particles are inhaled. 

All these interventions are done safely after a detailed diagnosis with the help of technologies such as CBCT, epigenetic tests and other complementary diagnostic tests such as blood and intolerance tests, like the Melissa test, including A.R.T. – Autonomous Response Testing.

Unlike many holistic or biological clinics, we are mostly focused on improving your immune system and are not focused on placing ceramic implants on the same day if we feel that there is any risk involved. Dr. Miguel Stanley has over 24 years of experience in implant dentistry and functional dentistry, as well as cosmetic prosthodontic rehabilitation, and understands all the complications and steps it takes to safely and fully restore a functioning mouth. We are always focused on long term results.

A zero risk policy is what we have at the White Clinic when it comes to these complex cases. Safety first! We do not like to rush.

Do you have symptoms your doctors cannot diagnose?

Advanced technology, in combination with our biological approach to dentistry, is the ultimate way of healing your body through your mouth.

At White Clinic, we have diagnostic tools such as digital 3D-CBCT that allow us to identify the presence of lesions in the oral cavity that may be damaging other organs, since meridians in our body cross the oral cavity and are activated daily by 15,000 dental contact points. It is for this reason that the tooth position and its corresponding meridian should be activated by a healthy tooth or at least by a non-metallic zirconia (ceramic) implant. 

Ceramic implants, also known as zirconium oxide implants, are an excellent choice for dental rehabilitation. Ceramic implants are composed of zirconium oxide, a biocompatible and bio-inert material capable of establishing a functional connection with living bone. 

Since the ceramic implant is developed using the latest technology, it limits the possibility of corrosion stress, as well as eliminating the possibility of allergy or intolerance. We only use the finest Swiss-made implants and from companies that have never made titanium.

Any patient is qualified to be treated according to the principles of Biological Dentistry. There are athletes, doctors and scientists with autoimmune diseases who have identified that the problems they have in other organs may be associated with their dental issues and have asked us to help them with:

Chronic fatigue
Joint pain
Chronic inflammation
Chronic illness
Lyme Disease
Auto Immune Diseases
Skin Rashes
Persistent Coughing
Complementary therapy in all cancers
Inflammation-related diseases
Chronic sinusitis
Circulatory disorders
Activation of the immune system


Macular degeneration
Heart diseases
Hair loss
Hearing loss
Cardiac arrhythmia
Detoxifying effect
Energy supply
Elimination of spider veins
Gynaecological Disorders
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
And much more


We provide a careful examination, accompanied by the most advanced technologies in the world that we at the White Clinic work with, along with state-of-the-art workflows from some of the best dental clinics in Switzerland, with whom we maintain a close scientific relationship. This way, we have scientific and credible assurance that we can eliminate metals from the mouth, chronic infections from the body, treating old treatments with 100% biocompatible materials, like ceramic implants, so that you can have an infection, inflammation and metal-free mouth. 

We Follow A Simple Treatment Philosophy


A full array of diagnostic tests are done to understand the baseline and what specific supplementation you might require. So that our treatments are not based on opinion, but rather on facts. We run blood tests and DNA tests with national and international laboratories.


An important discussion with the patient and the attending medical team to communicate the strategy, associated costs and time frame. This will have to be agreed upon by all parties involved, alongside understanding the risks and rewards of the decisions made.


Once all the information has been processed, the medical team comes up with the therapy strategy, idealising the optimal sequence of treatment over the ideal time frame for optimal outcome, with the least visits to the practice and incurring costs.


We talk to the patient to understand what the focus of their concern is and cross-check that with their medical history, their dental history, as well as the results from their blood tests.


Treatment begins and can combine a series of therapies we offer, from your basic IVs to a combination of ozone therapy and intravenous laser with other procedures over time.


We constantly monitor progress with regular blood tests and adapt the therapy accordingly.


Feel the difference as your life starts dramatically improving, from your brain function to your energy levels, as well as performance in your day-to-day activities.

Principles of Biological Dentistry

  • Only use biocompatible materials.
  • Removal of amalgams with a procedure involving high-speed aspiration, masks, and rubber-specific goggles (Slow Dentistry), to ensure that nothing is aspirated through the airways or eyes, making sure that mercury does not enter the body. We follow the guidelines set by the IAOMT.
  • Verification of all root canals through CBCT-3D digital technology. If they are not 100% intact, we advocate extracting these teeth and replacing them with zirconium/ceramic implants. We always aim to have this done on the same day.
  • Elimination of cavitation zones resulting from poorly healed dental extractions. Very important in old wisdom tooth sites, which may harbour the root cause of inflammation. 
  • Usually these problems cause no localised pain and are overlooked by a traditional dentist.

Our department performs specific blood tests and provides IV supplementation to increase and improve the blood system throughout the process.

ART™ – Autonomic Response Testing: a reliable biofeedback test

ART (Autonomic Response Testing) is a highly precise and effective diagnostic technique that allows the doctor to detect the root cause of illness, disturbances and inflammation in the body, allergies and their entry points into the human system. It also allows the practitioner to establish a suitable and cause-related treatment protocol for the patient. This way, the patient receives the most biological solution for the resolution of symptoms (or set of issues that arise from the underlying causes).

The Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique – SMART

At White Clinic, we follow the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT) protocol recommendations for amalgam removal, which is known as the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique – SMART.  Based on up-to-date scientific research, we follow rigorous recommendations for removing existing dental mercury amalgam fillings to assist in reducing the potential negative outcomes of mercury exposure to patients, dental professionals, dental students, office staff, and others. We have been mercury-free and mercury-safe for 22 years.


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