High Precision & Specificity Testing

High Precision & Specificity Testing

Simple tests, important results

Non-invasive advanced testing

Non-invasive advanced testing is part of our in-depth study of a patient’s current health status. We have our own in-house lab for simple testing and also work with the most advanced labs in the world for specific diagnostics regarding genetics, cancer and autoimmune diseases – a crucial step in preparing personalised treatment plans that target the root cause, in order to support recovery, health and longevity.

The key to overall wellbeing is prevention.

The key to prevention is testing.

Simple Tests

Vitamin D Test

Vitamin Absorption Test

Antioxidant Test

Biofrequency Test

Metal Toxicity and Mineral Absorption Test

Metal Hypersensitivity-Allergy Test

Trace Minerals Test

Melisa Test

Dutch Test

Parasites Test

Autonomic Response Test – ART

Anti-Aging Combo Test

Advanced Tests

Advanced Non-invasive Cancer Test

Hormonal Test

Autoimmune Test

GI360 Profile



Genetic & DNA Tests

Aging-related Diseases Test

DNA Health

DNA Diet

DNA Sport

DNA Active

DNA Skin

DNA Risk

DNA Resilience

DNA Mind

DNA Oestrogen

DNA Smile

Grow Baby

Med Check

Track your health, start healing, improve your quality of life.

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