Artificial Intelligence & Dentistry

The future is here

Artificial Intelligence & Dentistry

The future is here

Intelligent dentistry, advanced dentistry

Artificial Intelligence has been around since the 1950s, but only now are we truly beginning to harness its advantages across multiple sectors and grasping the impact it will have on our future, including the future of healthcare. Without a doubt one of the most transformative evolutions of our time, it is undeniable that AI has the capacity to significantly increase the efficiency of our field while also enhancing what human resources can effectively accomplish. When it comes to modern dentistry, there are so many positive contributions on the horizon.

Aligning AI with healthcare

Future forward dentistry starts with state-of-the-art technology and will be continuously optimised by Artificial Intelligence in a variety of areas.

Diagnosis and treatment plan

Higher precision

Streamlined protocols

More patient involvement

Safer procedures

Less room for error

Execution of treatment

Superior selection of materials & technologies

Slow Dentistry

Humanised healthcare

Greater patient dedication

Daily management of the clinic

Improved internal organisation

Paperwork under control

Increased efficiency

More time for what really matters

Technology that helps detect, treat and heal

Our steadfast commitment to biological dentistry, to our patients, and to gold standard oral healthcare means that we use everything we have at our disposal to diagnose, research, plan and treat optimally and comprehensively. From the latest technology to advanced up and coming Artificial Intelligence solutions, the goal continues to be one and the same: align oral health and general health, starting with the mouth. Did you know that AI based systems already have the potential to identify hidden dental issues that could be causing other systemic health issues? 

Introducing our partner Missing Link

We’re thrilled to be working closely with Missing Link – an AI-powered high-tech solution that scans X-rays to detect potential sources of low-grade chronic inflammation and infection in the mouth which aren’t visible to the naked eye, uncovering hidden dental issues that can be silently contributing to many health conditions.


This targeted and thorough technology not only pinpoints periodontal disease, root canal infections, bone loss, impacted teeth, the existence of cysts and cavitations associated with old tooth extractions, but goes on to generate a clear and detailed report that even patients can understand.

Missing Link is a reliable resource and stepping stone that connects practitioners and physicians in the pursuit of overall patient wellness.

The golden era of dentistry is yet to come, underpinned by technology, software, and the potential of Artificial Intelligence. AI promises quality care at an affordable rate within the safest environment. As we look to the future, we foresee a transformation – a realm governed by new rules of engagement. Indeed, AI will redefine the dental ecosystem.

Miguel Stanley

Advanced technology at the service of biological, functional and integrative oral and general healthcare.

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