Dental Phobia

Dental Phobia

Reducing dental phobia one appointment at a time with stress-free dentistry

Dental Phobia & Dental Anxiety
Dental phobia is commonly described as the fear of going to the dentist, the dental clinic itself and the procedures performed in this space. As with generalised anxiety, dental anxiety can manifest through feelings of unease, panic, overwhelm, nervousness, difficulty breathing, nausea, palpitations, and elevated stress levels. And these feelings can compromise an oral health appointment in various ways: the patient may cancel the consultation, the patient may interrupt the treatment halfway, the patient may not be able to complete the entire protocol.

70% of adults suffer from some form of dental anxiety.
Are you one of them?

When you think of your upcoming dental appointment, does just the thought of the drilling sound make you anxious? Or is it the time spent in the dental chair with your mouth open? Whatever the reason – and unfortunately there are many – we completely understand and that’s why reducing all forms of dental phobia and dental anxiety is part of our mission as biological dentists. Kindness is always part of our treatment plans.

To help us help you, we are backed by decades of experience, state-of-the-art technology, non-invasive protocols, rigorous hygiene and safety standards for stress-free, pain-free treatments.

According to millions of people worldwide, dental phobia is scary and very real.
It’s also keeping patients from checking up on their oral health on a regular basis.
The Triggers

For those patients who become increasingly anxious as the date of their appointment approaches, they know exactly what triggers their dental phobia and there can be one or many causes. These are the most frequent, those we deal with and aim to mitigate with kindness on a daily basis:

We see you. We hear you. We’re here to treat you. Comfortably, safely. With kindness.

Our solutions for stress-free dentistry

Instead of avoiding the dentist and potentially compromising your oral health, it’s important to take the first step towards overcoming dental phobia. We start by including the patient in the entire process right from the start, so that there is absolute clarity regarding the diagnosis, treatment plan, materials and equipment used, sequence of therapy, as well as potential risks involved. We also ensure a calm, clean and comfortable environment where kindness and the patient always come first.

How we eliminate dental phobia triggers

Overcoming dental phobia
Avoiding the dentist can create an unhealthy cycle of overlooked oral issues. Patients who avoid or postpone dental treatments are at a greater risk for gum disease, cavities, early tooth loss, and more. In addition, poor oral health is often reflected in general health, triggering other issues in the body that may not seem to be connected at first, but are more intertwined than we imagine. This is why eliminating dental phobia is part of our mission as an advanced biological dentistry clinic.
We are fully transparent and never withhold information.
We have a stress-free work environment for our team.
We strive for open and honest communication.
We take the time to welcome our patients with the attention and care they deserve.
We create a comfortable and kind environment for every patient.
We are great listeners.
We are dedicated to our patients.
We ensure that each treatment is safe, minimally invasive, pain-free and long-lasting.

Let’s work together in conquering dental phobia.
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