First Consultation

First Consultation

We like to get things off to a healthy start

All about our first
exclusive consultation

We take well-being seriously. Your first appointment sets the foundation for our relationship, ensuring everyone’s expectations are clear for the best outcome.


Our advanced technologies enable our medical team to quickly determine what’s needed for optimal oral health, whether simple or complex. At White Clinic, we excel in complex cases and are world leaders in revision dentistry. Many of our patients have had multiple treatments and need precise diagnostics, interdisciplinary planning, and flawless execution.


Think of your first appointment as meeting an architect designing your dream home, where comfort and precision are paramount. We understand and commit to delivering exactly what you need at White Clinic.

What to expect from the most comprehensive appointment in the world

We are all ears, eyes and heart for you. You will be heard, understood and well taken care of by our world-class team, backed by the most advanced high-tech diagnostic tools on the market, 24 years of knowledge in complex cases, comprehensive treatment planning and execution.

A patient-centred experience.

A health-centred experience.

Starting with the very first appointment.

State-of-the-art technology

We have incredible technology to help diagnose and plan all types of dental treatments, from simple to complex. Our first dental consultation, which is the most comprehensive in the world, always includes a 3D CT scan, and may include a facial scan, intraoral or occlusion scan, and digital periapical X-rays if needed. We also have healing technologies that are ideal for helping with dental phobia and dental anxiety.

Advanced biological dentistry diagnosis

Your general health comes first. We take our time to understand what your body really needs to heal. That is why we go beyond the dental aspects of diagnosis, using a 360º comprehensive, interdisciplinary and biological approach. We also take into account any previous dental work in order to understand if your oral health is suffering from any toxicity or negative immune response. We always start by assessing any and every inflammation symptom, in order to give you the immune support you need.


We also have readily available a series of comprehensive tests that can be performed, from blood tests to DNA tests, including microbiome, to help us understand further what could be behind your health concerns.

Exclusive and interdisciplinary treatment explanation

Along with a private presentation of different cases that will help you understand how we work, a conversation with one or more doctors, backed by our interdisciplinary medical team, will address the entire basis of your biological dentistry treatment. Showcasing similar treatments and outcomes will help you understand how we do things and what to expect. We will also have our support staff present to explain costs, logistics and answer all your questions. Transparency and clear communication are key.

Protocol and costs

Our philosophy is to do the maximum interventions in the fewest number of appointments through gold standard dentistry and integrative medicine. Every step of the treatment plan will be explained to you, as well as the associated costs before we start. We pride ourselves in making sure all is understood by you. The plan, the risks, the benefits, the investment and the time frame of your dental treatment. As a fully private practice, we do not offer any financing solutions and we do not work directly with any health insurance company.

The flow of your first consultation

As the first Slow Dentistry Global Network®️ clinic in Portugal, we are committed to offering patients our undivided attention, with quality time to listen, understand and present individualised treatment options, ensuring comfortable, safe and stress-free experiences in the dentist’s chair. This patient-centred approach is the only way we work.

You and your smile are safe with us

We’ve been following the most rigorous safety and hygiene standards for over 24 years: they are a top priority in everything we do. Our safety and hygiene protocols are ruthlessly followed – this is the only way to guarantee patient protection and wellbeing.

Reset oral health, boost general health, increase longevity.

It’s a biological balance that begins with the most comprehensive first dental consultation in the world.


What you need to know

Coming from abroad?

Please ask to speak to Sofia Guedes de Sousa or Ricardo Pinto from our front desk (fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese). They will deal with all prior arrangements once your consultation is confirmed, to make sure your trip and first appointment at our dental clinic in Lisbon go smoothly.

Stress-free dentistry starts here.

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