Protecting children’s smiles is our mission

Focused on keeping those smiles bright and healthy

Did you know kids laugh 400 times a day?

Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to the oral health of children and young teens. Many of the dentists at the White Clinic are also parents, so our primary focus is to make sure that our own children receive the best treatment on the market. We want all of our excellence and expertise to benefit the little ones too. We offer safe conscious sedation if needed, practice non-toxic protocols and use laser dentistry for less noise when possible. Don’t forget that healthy milk teeth lead to healthy adult teeth. We are also the first clinic in the country to work with a leading pediatric orthodontic company in the US that offers sleep devices that improve airway management and consequently helps with school performance and also ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

“Children with good oral health habits today are the smiling, confident adults of tomorrow, which means it’s never too early to start.”

We are a kid-friendly dental clinic

As a comprehensive advanced biological dental centre, White Clinic is passionate about maintaining beautiful smiles and improving oral health in patients of all ages and, with 24 years of experience, we’ve learned it’s never too early to kick-start great oral hygiene. In fact, the sooner we start, the sooner positive dentistry seamlessly becomes a part of a child’s everyday life, now and in the future.


With a welcoming, zero anxiety and comfortable environment, a team of pediatric dental specialists, high-end technology and 100% natural products, our dental care is based on biological, preventive and non-invasive treatments, with long-lasting, pain-free results.

Mom and dad, rest easy, your kids are in great hands.

What our pediatric dentistry consultation offers

Specialised treatment for children.

No rushing and always fun.

We follow the Slow Dentistry Global Network®️ cornerstones in order to reduce dental phobia. We use the most innovative healing technology and have loving doctors that care about kids.

Our pediatric dentistry appointments always start on time so your kids don’t have to wait.

Ask about Saturdays. We can open just for you.

White Clinic is a metal free and fluoride free clinic for kids.

Meet Dr. Miguel Stanley, one of the world’s most influential dentists

Dr. Miguel Stanley is the founder and clinical director of White Clinic where, for over two decades now, he has been consistently closing the gap between the outdated idea that oral health is separate from general health. A passionate advocate for high quality dental care and optimal wellbeing, his career has been focused on restoring smiles with his interdisciplinary team, using state-of-the art technology, software and materials, alongside a strong sense of ethics and minimal invasiveness to better protect his patients. This is the reason he created the No Half Smiles® treatment philosophy and Slow Dentistry Global Network®, both aimed at improving the patient experience and the overall quality of care.


With training in implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and functional occlusion, his Advanced Biological Comprehensive Dentistry approach incorporates the full scope of action of modern dentistry. With over 200 keynote lectures given in over 50 countries, Dr. Miguel Stanley’s lectures are critically acclaimed by dentists of all ages and specialties, for the open dialogue and simple and beautiful manner in which complex cases are presented.


Nominated one of the top dentists in the world by his peers and named one of the “32 Most Influential People in Dentistry”, Dr. Miguel Stanley is one of the most famous dentists, the President of the Digital Dentistry Society and member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). He recently took on the role as the first Portuguese adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dentistry (Penn Dental Medicine). Every year, he teaches more than 200 hours of continuing education in advanced techniques applied to dentistry.


Where is he happiest? Seeing patients of all ages in the clinic, helping them heal and regain their smiles.

Meet Dr. Catarina Rodrigues, our Pediatric Dentistry specialist

Dr. Catarina Rodrigues completed her Master’s Degree in Dentistry in 2016 at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Lisbon, with a thesis on implantology. In 2018, she completed a course on Direct Anterior and Posterior Restorations; and in June 2019, became a postgraduate in Biomimetic Oral Rehabilitation. Since joining the White Clinic team in 2016, she has been continuously training in digital dentistry (3D printers, intraoral scanners, Digital Smile Design, complex rehabilitation planning and guided surgery software, etc.). In 2017, Dr. Catarina Rodrigues became head of the Pediatric Dentistry Department, an area she is equally passionate about and where the most advanced technology and non-invasive techniques are targeted at little ones, helping kids feel safe and relaxed at the dentist’s office. Because excellent oral health habits start early and helping children understand how important this is and how to easily implement them on a daily basis, is part of the White Clinic vision. And here there’s no room for dental stress, just friendly pediatric dentistry.

Meet Dr. Alessandra Curto, our Orthodontics specialist

Dentistry runs in Dr. Alessandra Curto’s family and after completing her dentistry degree in 1989, at the University of Bari in Italy, she opened and ran her own private practice during twelve years before moving to Lisbon, where she chose to dedicate her career exclusively to her great passion: orthodontics. With intensive training and continuous education in the field, her vast academic experiences span both Europe and the United States, including studies in the principles of application of forces, orthodontic diagnosis and TMJ pathology, lingual technique, articulation and osteopathic support, always in tune with the most innovative dental techniques and technology. Dr. Alessandra Curto became certified in the Invisalign technique in 2005 and obtained a Masters in the Damon System in 2012. She joined the White Clinic team in 2002 where she is head of the Orthodontics Department, treating children, adults and complex rehabilitations. A highly specialised and experienced professional, Dr. Alessandra Curto has successfully treated over 2,500 cases, including pediatric dentistry cases – that’s a lot of healthy smiles restored.

Take care of your children’s oral health with zero dental anxiety.
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