1 hour long oral hygiene appointments
That’s how much your smile means to us

Great oral health starts with great oral hygiene

The average length of a dental appointment is under thirty minutes. We double that time. Why? Because we believe that it’s impossible to follow correct clinical protocols and ensure safe disinfection in such a short time. We believe that doing a great job takes time and our patients deserve our undivided attention. During the next 60 minutes, we’re all yours.

Oral hygiene is a priority

Oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people and untreated dental caries in permanent teeth is the most common health condition in the world. When our oral health isn’t in great shape, it affects everything from our five senses to our confidence to smile – if you’ve ever experienced pain and discomfort in your mouth, you know exactly what we mean. Unfortunately, compromised oral health doesn’t stop there and can trigger a host of other issues – chronic fatigue, joint pain, headaches, persistent coughing, hearing loss, hair loss, chronic inflammation, sleep issues, depression, etc. – which ultimately and negatively affect our general health as well. 


It’s pretty clear why oral hygiene is so important, isn’t it? Not only is it responsible for maintaining a healthy oral cavity, it also plays a crucial role in upholding general health and helping you thrive in longevity. The good news is that most oral health conditions are preventable and can be correctly treated if detected early on. This also means that, in addition to excellent oral health habits at home, keeping up with your oral hygiene appointments every 6 months is the surest way to monitor and detect any potential risk factors in their early stages, and treat them swiftly in order to avoid unnecessary suffering.

Our team is here for you.

Our team of oral hygienists

For 24 years now, our highly trained hygienists have been using state-of-the-art technology, premium quality, ergonomic dental equipment, and biocompatible, metal-free materials to ensure a deep, pain-free oral hygiene cleaning. Our team’s approach is always as minimally invasive as possible, as gentle and soundless as possible, because we want you to have the best possible dental experience. We want you to feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair, we want you to feel proud of taking care of your oral health and of making your oral hygiene consultations a top priority.


In order for this to happen, our appointments together always have a minimum duration of 1 hour. The time necessary to guarantee no trauma procedures, to perform a complete oral health check-up, and to ensure you leave with a big, bright smile.

That’s just the way we like to take care of you.

What to expect from our oral hygiene appointment

What have you done for your oral health today?

In the meantime, keep up the good work

Prevention is everything when it comes to a healthy mouth, and so is consistency. Between your oral hygiene appointments, be sure to:

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