November 2023

Ceramic implants in biological dentistry


Dental implants have revolutionised the field of modern dentistry by providing effective, visually appealing, and long-lasting solutions for patients with missing teeth. As a biological dentistry clinic, many of our patients actively seek out ceramic implants and we’re going to tell you exactly why.  What are ceramic implants? Also known as zirconia implants, ceramic [...]

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October 2023

An exciting decade and an even more exciting future for Digital Dentistry


Yuvan Noah Hariri wrote in his book, Homo Deus, that “the train of civilisation” is leaving the station for the last time and those who do not understand technology will miss a seat on that train into the future. It has been an exciting decade for dentistry, and for those that are paying attention to [...]

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The journey of wisdom teeth removal: a crucial decision


Every year, around ten million wisdom teeth make their exit, sparking questions regarding the necessity of such an abundance of procedures. These molars, typically emerging between the ages of 17 and 25, are often escorted out to avert potential complications such as crowding or decay.Dialogue among professionals There’s substantial dialogue amongst dentists and oral surgeons [...]

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August 2023

The effect of electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones on implant osseointegration


“The electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones reduce the healing of dental implants by preventing the correct functioning of bone metabolism and increasing localized inflammation” The increased use of mobile phones has raised some questions about whether their use is safe for patients with dental implants. There was a recent study that aimed to [...]

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April 2023

Artificial intelligence in dentistry


For those who have been paying attention to the latest news in the technology space, you will most certainly have noticed that OpenAI recently launched ChatGPT, a new artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot. It is amazing to see how this technology works and how quickly it can do incredibly complex tasks and have virtually all [...]

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September 2022

Photobiomodulation in dentistry


Clinical results in dentistry are influenced by many factors and can be improved by taking advantage of the body's natural mechanisms. It is fundamental to take into account the patient's diet and supplementation, especially pre and post-operatively, as this has an impact on the healing of hard (bone) and soft (gum) tissues; however, there [...]

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