Real Testimony: the Jennifer Caravella case

We are and always have been a patient-centred clinic: focused on listening, explaining, guiding, treating, following-up, healing. Whether simple or complex, there is no greater satisfaction than a dentistry case with a happy ending and a healthy and smiling patient. This is Jennifer Caravella’s experience at the White Clinic, told through her own words.

I came upon the White Clinic through the recommendation of Dr. Dome, a well-respected biological dentist in Germany. I walked in with a mouthful of dental work – numerous root canals, faulty fillings and missing teeth. I’ve probably spent around 100 hours in dental chairs, my earliest problems going back to when I was 8 or 9 years old. By the time I was 15 all of my molars were filled with amalgam/mercury. 

For decades I’ve suffered from severe bouts of eczema, chronic allergies, hair loss, and TMJ. I eat a very clean diet, avoid harmful chemicals, exercise regularly, meditate, practice yoga, use herbal medicine, you name it, and yet these health issues have persisted. In fact, they’ve not only persisted, but more recently I’d started having issues with insomnia as well.

I’ve harboured a lot of mistrust and resentment toward dentists due to numerous bad experiences and outlandish sums of money spent, only to have my teeth in worse condition than before. After having teeth pulled, it hindered my confidence to smile fully. I’ve been asked to speak publicly for my work and avoided it. I’ve also developed an insecure habit of covering my mouth or lowering my head when I laugh. These may sound like small details, but they have negatively impacted my social and professional life. 

My first visit to the White Clinic was so different from any other dental experience I’ve had. To begin, the clinic is impeccably clean and has a pleasant ambiance. The receptionists are sweet and I hardly had to wait before I was taken in to have literally the most comprehensive and detailed x-ray I’ve ever seen – these guys don’t skimp on technology. It’s incredible.  

During my consultation, I felt my body open up and relax (a first at the dentist) as I realised I was amongst a team who spoke my language (I am an herbalist, the foundation and ethics of my work are rooted in the philosophy of holism). I’ve been to “bio” or “holistic” dentists before and there was really nothing any different other than maybe having some clove oil on hand. At the White Clinic they genuinely have an understanding of how intricately related the teeth are with the whole body and approach their work from that vantage point. This alone was so calming to my nervous system that I was nearly in tears, like when someone gives you a hug you didn’t realise you needed. 

I cannot recommend Dr. Miguel enough, he is hands down the best dentist I’ve ever had. If you visit his website you’ll read all about his credentials, which are quite impressive, but what you won’t read about is how this man genuinely runs his clinic from his heart. It’s palpable. 

Not knowing a thing about me, Dr. Miguel went out of his way to make sure I got the treatment I needed and put his trust in me financially. Not only that, he took the initiative to treat me personally. I don’t think either of us anticipated how nervous I would be about the surgery, but even in the midst of my anxiety and asking a thousand questions (which I’m sure was annoying), he took time out of his busy schedule to answer every single inquiry, and held himself with such confidence that it truly did put me at ease.  

During the jawbone detox surgery, he cleaned out active infection (for who knows how many years) where my wisdom teeth had been pulled, removed multiple cysts where root canals had been infecting my mouth, and dug out a bunch of mercury pellets that were embedded in bone near my sinus cavity!! No wonder I’ve been having chronic issues with immunity and inflammation. A dentist who works at this calibre is incredibly rare. 

Also, I should mention we did all of this without antibiotics or any pharmaceutical drugs (aside from a high-quality anaesthesia) as per my request. I highly doubt most surgeons would have the open-minded intelligence to even consider this. I assured him I would use herbal antibiotics and we agreed that if he had to clean up a mess, I would pay for it. Fair deal. 

The regenerative medicine branch of the clinic and work that Dr. Ana Paz is doing is ground-breaking. This is one more reason White Clinic is the cream of the crop. Instead of dangerous opiates and antibiotics, I went home with carefully formulated, quality vitamin supplementation to accompany the most advanced light therapy and oxygen treatments available, ensuring a successful recovery process. 

Since the surgery, my breathing has opened up and I have not had insomnia or allergies. I cannot describe what a game changer this is for me. To have had the infections and toxic metals cleared from my body is a huge blessing in itself. I don’t even care to think about what would have happened had those infections continued to spread, being so close to my brain. 

I feel incredibly lucky and grateful that I was led to Dr. Miguel and his team. If you are looking for top notch biological dentistry, it’s worth flying across the world for the treatment you’ll receive from the White Clinic. These guys are not simply dentists, they are healers. I hope to see many others follow their lead. 

Jennifer, thank you for your kind message and trust in us. Keep smiling! And know we are always here for you.

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