Incisal Edge magazine has named Dr. Miguel Stanley one of the “32 Most Influential People in Dentistry”, alongside a prestigious list of CEO’s and business leaders that brings together huge names from the dentistry field across the planet, in categories ranging from innovator and influencer, to establishment, administrator and direct-to-consumer.

The Dental Humanitarian… and so much more

One of the few dentists on the list, alongside only a handful of European professionals, all eyes are on famous dentist Dr. Miguel Stanley’s current work in stem cell therapy combined with light therapy, and advanced biological dentistry healing protocols in what he calls “immune dentistry”, as well as the evolution of the Paz Protocol and a host of other innovative biohacking technologies.

Acclaimed the “Dental Humanitarian”, Dr. Miguel Stanley’s most recent efforts in supporting those in need of medical supplies and aid in war-torn Ukraine – to where he travelled in February – also caught the attention of the dental magazine’s staff. His passionate dedication to all things oral health, to the Slow Dentistry Global Network, to teaching at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and as a standout international lecturer, did the rest.

Who are the most influential people in dentistry?

Incisal Edge curates the industry’s most progressive thought leadership to deliver the latest in dental innovations and the people behind them. And the sixth edition of their “32 Most Influential People in Dentistry” includes amazing professionals who are doing outstanding work when it comes to oral healthcare: Joseph Hogan, CEO of Align Technology; Cheryl Pegus, Executive Vice President of Health & Wellness at Walmart; Guillaume Daniellot, CEO of Straumann Group; Rena D’Souza, Director of the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research; Brigadier General Shan K. Bagby, Chief, U.S. Army Dental Corps; and Linda C. Niessen, Founding Dean, Vice Provost for Oral Health Affairs and Professor at the Kansas City University College of Dental Medicine, just to name a few. See the complete and inspiring list here.

Keeping his edge

In the fast-changing worlds of health care and business, Incisal Edge magazine is dedicated to helping readers get an edge, and keep it. Dr. Miguel Stanley knows a thing or two not only about keeping his edge, but constantly challenging it and taking it further when it comes to advocating for ethics and quality dentistry, while bringing awareness to the undeniable connection and importance between oral health, general health and longevity. And how has he been able to consistently talk about and practice the dentistry of the future for over 20 years now?

With outstanding vision, passion and dedication.

When you do what you love, it shows.

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