June 2022

The importance of supplementation: why vitamin D?


The word vitamin is a relatively recent term. It first appeared in a dictionary in 1912 to describe organic substances in food, essential for most of the body’s chemical processes. Before vitamins were discovered, doctors recommended eating the right types of food: carrots (rich in vitamin A) to maintain vision, citrus fruits (rich in [...]

The importance of supplementation: why vitamin D?2022-08-09T13:28:57+00:00

April 2022

Vitamin K2/MK7 – a super vitamin


Supplementation continues to be a gap in the field of medicine and dentistry. Very few health professionals recommend adequate supplementation to improve immunity and bone metabolism, which is so important for recovery, while also contributing to the success of surgeries. In addition, certain types of supplementation help prevent certain diseases and improve the quality [...]

Vitamin K2/MK7 – a super vitamin2024-01-08T09:29:47+00:00
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