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    To facilitate and provide a better navigation experience through the website, Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic), with the NIPC: 509872921 and with Head Office in : Street Dr. António Loureiro Borges, building 5, 1º Floor, Arquipark, Miraflores 1495-131 Algés, Portugal, informs that it uses Cookies or other files of similar functionality (hereinafter “Cookies”).

    Due to the way Internet communication standards work, access to websites may imply the use of cookies. Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) is responsible for Cookies and for the data treatment obtained through cookies, both its own and third parties’, through its website, deciding on the purpose, content and use of the treatment of the collected data.

    What is a Cookie?

    Cookies are files that contain small amounts of information that are downloaded to the user’s device when they visit a web page.

    The main objective is to recognize the user whenever he accesses the website, also allowing to improve the quality and to offer a better use of the website, aiming to simplify the navigation.

    Cookies are essential for the operation of the Internet; they do not damage the user’s equipment or device and, if activated in the configuration of your browser, help to identify and resolve possible errors in the operation of the website.

    Use of Cookies by Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic)

    Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) uses Cookies for the purposes identified below. Should Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) use other Cookies for the purpose of providing more and better services, the user will be duly informed.

    Types of cookies you may find in the digital platforms of Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic)?

    The digital platforms of Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) use several types of cookies, which enable two types of functionalities, with different degrees of optimization of the navigation experience and service levels:

    Basic functionalities:

    ● Essential cookies.

    Advanced functionalities:

    ○ Marketing cookies;

    ● Analytics cookies;

    ● Social cookies.


    These cookies are essential to provide you with a quality service. They are mandatory for browsing Lifezest,S.A.(White Clinic)’ s digital platforms without limitations and to ensure you enjoy a public service offering of excellence. They serve to measure online audiences and the quality of our services, allowing us to fulfill our legal obligations. They also allow the dissemination of generic advertising, considered less relevant to the user, without customization and without using automated profiles.

    The digital platforms of Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) use Google services, namely the Google Analytics. To learn more about it click on Google’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Examples of features allowed by these cookies:

    ● Memorize the progress of your operation or online transaction;

    ● Conduct analysis to optimize functioning;

    ● Ensure that our digital platforms have a consistent visual appearance;

    ● Promote undifferentiated advertising campaigns without using automated profiles.


    Unlike Basic and Essential Cookies, these cookies allow you to personalize the commercial offers that are presented to you, directing them according to your preferences. They may be your own cookies or those of third parties. These cookies help analyze the effectiveness of those offers by monitoring consumption patterns, and not accepting these cookies prevents you from receiving offers tailored to your chosen interests.

    The digital platforms of Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) use Google services, namely Google Ad Manager. For the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use within Google technologies click here.

    Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) is an associate of IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), which defined and developed IAB Europe’s GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework, under the new personal data protection rules approved by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For information on the rules applicable in each situation, please, refer in detail to the cookie policies of each of these entities.

    Examples of allowed features:

    ● Display commercial offers or advertisements based on the user’s interests;

    ● Allow third parties to serve ads based on the user’s interests on digital platforms not belonging to Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic);

    ● Promote advertising campaigns that match your preferences.


    These cookies offer a more personalized and complete experience of the contents of Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic), allowing you to save preferences, showing you content relevant to your taste and send the alerts you requested.

    Examples of allowed features:

    ● Send the information alerts you requested;

    ● Analyze the use of our digital platforms to provide personalized content.


    These cookies allow you to stay in touch with social networks, share content, send and post comments.

    Lifezest, S.A.’s digital platforms (White Clinic) use Facebook and ShareThis services.

    Examples of allowed features:

    ● Allow third parties to provide social sharing tools;

    ● Allowing comments to be sent and posted.


    (Non-Exhaustive List):




    Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) uses the Facebook service so you can share content with your network.


    Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) uses the Instagram service so you can share content with your network.


    Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) uses the LinkedIn service so you can share content with your network.


    Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) uses the YouTube service so you can share content with your network.

    Google DoubleClick

    Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) uses the Google DoubleClick service to measure the effectiveness of its digital campaigns.

    Google Analytics

    Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) uses the Google Analytics service to evaluate your online performance (including mobile applications).


    Lifezest, S.A. (White Clinic) uses the WordPress service to host the website and interact with users through contact forms.

    Do all cookies stay stored forever?

    No, there are permanent cookies and session cookies: