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January 2023

“Digital does not improve mistakes, it highlights them.”


Miguel Stanley, director of the White Clinic and vice-president of the Digital Dentistry Society "I don't believe that technology makes a dentist a better dentist." These words belong to Miguel Stanley, founder and director of White Clinic, recognised as a pioneer in clinical implementation in various areas of advanced technologies, and for whom the idea [...]

“Digital does not improve mistakes, it highlights them.”2023-01-23T12:35:38+00:00

September 2022

Periodontitis and depression


Periodontitis is one of the most common inflammatory diseases, affecting approximately half of the adult population worldwide. The link between periodontitis and systemic diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes, is already well known. However, something that is not yet discussed is the fact that generalised inflammation is also a risk factor for [...]

Periodontitis and depression2022-09-08T15:06:59+00:00

Staying ahead of the curve: Dr. Ana Paz talks to Inside Dentistry


Ana Paz, DDS, MS, is aware that many of her peers who are recent dental school graduates have gravitated toward specialization and efficiency, but she believes that the future of dentistry lies in the opposite approaches. The power of photobiomodulation Increasingly, many of those new protocols involve the use of lasers, and one of [...]

Staying ahead of the curve: Dr. Ana Paz talks to Inside Dentistry2022-09-08T14:58:09+00:00
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