Paediatric Facial Growth &
Airway Health Assessment

Helping kids breathe easily

Paediatric Facial Growth &
Airway Health Assessment

Helping kids breathe easy

Dentists & Paediatric Health

Dentists are the gatekeepers of the oral cavity and play a critical role in ensuring overall health and wellness because, as we know and science has proved again and again, the link between oral health and general health is undeniable. This is even more important when it comes to growing kids. Which is why we aim to provide conditions for proper and healthy development, and we do this in two ways: by paying attention and by eliminating barriers that may prevent correct development. Comprised by dentists, orthodontists and other specialists, our Paediatric Facial Growth & Airway Health team is 100% dedicated to your children.

Does your child?

Snore and/or can you hear them breathe?

Wake up frequently at night or get really tired during the day?

Grind their teeth?

Grind their teeth?

Have crooked teeth?

Exhibit hyperactivity and/or have difficulty focusing?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you should consider a Paediatric Facial Growth & Airway Health Assessment for your child.

What kind of problems do we want to address?

Sleep Disordered
Breathing (SDB)

These disorders are characterised by disruptions in normal breathing patterns during sleep.

Altered oxygen delivery has various systemic health implications.

9 out of 10 children will have one or more symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing.

Oral Habits

Mouth breathing

Improper swallow

Improper tongue posture


Improper pronunciation


Enlarged tonsils & adenoids

Growth and

Growth of the lower jaw in a downward instead of forward direction

Narrow arches and crossbites, open bites 

Overjet and mandibular underdevelopment

Collapse of the oropharyngeal breathing space

If you have children aged 2-12, consider our Paediatric Facial Growth & Airway Health Assessment.

Bbite is the key!

Top-of-the-line appliance accessible at White Clinic

When we see signs that sleep, breathing, or growth is off track in our youngest patients, we can and should act immediately. By correcting growth patterns and habits early on, we may prevent or even resolve many oral and systemic health issues. And how do we do this? With the help of Bbite.

What is Bbite?

Bbite, a top-of-the-line appliance available at White Clinic, is a soft removable oral appliance that is designed to eliminate or improve bad oral habits, as well as other problems such as Sleep Disordered Breathing or Growth and Development issues, which may be hindering optimal dental health and even the child’s overall wellbeing.

The Bbite appliance targets specific and fundamental action areas within the mouth:

Develops tongue strength and reinforces the proper position of the tongue.

Provides a better balance of the tongue with the roof of the mouth, assisting in a more natural expansion of the jaw and dental arches to properly position the teeth and jaws.

Supports the development of a proper lip seal to restore the benefits of nasal breathing.

The Bbite appliance

Phthalate Free – BPA free – Latex free – Silicone free
Extensive biocompatibility tests performed by a US-based accredited GLP lab


Ages 2-4


Ages 4-6


Ages 6-9


Ages 6-9


Ages 8-12


Ages 8-12

What does the Bbite appliance manage?

Mouth Breathing

Improper Swallow

Improper Tongue Posture


Open Bites

Narrow arches and Crossbites

Improper Pronunciation

Overjet and Mandibular Underdevelopment


Enlarged Tonsils & Adenoids

Collapse of the oropharyngeal space

Benefits of Bbite

In addition to improving occlusion and overall dental health, the Bbite appliance goes even further.

Improves facial growth patterns and pre-orthodontic tooth positioning

Retrains inadequate
mouth breathing

Increases quality nasal breathing and contributes to better sleep*

Increases quality nasal breathing and contributes to better sleep*

Replaces and corrects poor oral habits
(prolonged dummy use, thumb-sucking, etc.)

Replaces and corrects poor oral habits (prolonged dummy use, thumb-sucking, etc.)

Addresses speech delays or difficulties

Boosts immune system function

*In some cases, improved nasal breathing and sleep yields reduction or resolution of:

ADHD & Hyperactivity Symptoms

Depression or Aggressive Behaviour

Snoring & Teeth Grinding

Tonsil & Adenoid Hypertrophy

Allergies & Asthma

Hormone imbalances causing bedwetting or failure to thrive

Our specialised team is here for your family.

The earlier we get started with treatment, the greater the impact, and the sooner we get your child on track for quality lifelong health. Start by scheduling a comprehensive Paediatric Facial Growth & Airway Health Assessment.

Everyone will be breathing easier in no time.

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