Advanced biological dentistry residency

Advanced biological dentistry residency

Learn how to revolutionise your dentistry in 1 intensive week

The Residency

Dr. Miguel Stanley opens the doors to education at White Clinic with an exclusive individual one-on-one residency program in Lisbon, Portugal. Designed for experienced dentists who want to revolutionise dentistry and healthcare – starting with the mouth in order to heal the body. The Residency is held only twice a year, one participant at a time, for a full immersive experience.

Unique experience at a leading biological dentistry & integrative medicine centre

Transforming smiles and improving lives for over 24 years, White Clinic is a world recognised leading dental centre focused on advanced biological dentistry and integrative medicine. Founded by Dr. Miguel Stanley, one of the most famous and influential dentists on the planet, the medical team uses the latest science and digital technology to go beyond treating just teeth, contemplating the immune system and systemic health, in order to boost overall wellbeing and longevity.

Who can join

For experienced dentists only

The Advanced Biological Dentistry Residency is for experienced dentists only, who want to help change the paradigm that the mouth is separate from the body.

A minimum 5 years of clinical experience is mandatory to attend this unique program. At least one post-graduate degree and proof of publications in scientific journals, as well as belonging to more than one scientific organisation as an active member. We will also favour those that are educators and have extensive experience with digital technologies.

A license to practice will not be required for this residency as it will be observational only. Learning the method is what matters most and that is why experience matters.

This program occurs only twice a year. The Residency committee selects only 1 candidate per program and there is a long waiting list.

Personal skills & attributes

Motivation to revolutionise dentistry and make it a science to heal not only the mouth, but the whole body

Insight into your own strengths and weaknesses

The ability to reflect on and outstand with your own work

Personal organisation

Holistic approach

Tech savvy


Manage risk and deal effectively with problems

Ability to take responsibility for your own actions

Perception of your own health

Effective communication: reading, writing, listening, speaking


Empathy and the ability to care for others

Capacity to recognise and appreciate mentors and refer to them in the teaching context

Good understanding of biology and how our immune system works, of the importance of quality nutrition and how vitamins and minerals support our body


Advanced Biological Dentistry Program

You’ll be spending an entire week (Monday-Friday) at the White Clinic training centre: understanding safety processes and protocols, experiencing innovative technologies in the cases you’ll follow closely, observing stress-free, pain-free and effective dental treatments, learning and exchanging ideas with our multidisciplinary and highly specialised team.

After this intensive week, on Saturday, you’ll have the opportunity to sit down for a one-on-one private session with Dr. Miguel Stanley to discuss your residency experience.

Get ready to explore some of the most relevant areas in biological dentistry.

Study Area 1

The 4 Slow Dentistry® Cornerstones

We are the first Slow Dentistry® certified clinic in Portugal, a philosophy created by Dr. Miguel Stanley, which is currently transforming excellence in dentistry in more than 60 countries. The entire team receives ongoing training in order to practice the 4 Slow Dentistry® cornerstones in everything they do. Learn more here:

Day 2

Ozone Therapy
Real Cases

Our resident will experience Ozone Therapy applied to multiple real cases in immune dentistry and regenerative medicine. Ozone has proven to be efficient as an antioxidant, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and regenerator.

Study Area 2

Toxic Dentistry

Understanding that bad dentistry not only jeopardises oral health, but general health as well, is crucial to advanced dentistry. Old or poorly performed dental treatments can result in persistent infections and inflammations that often trigger other health issues. Our resident will learn how to identify and treat toxic dentistry cases using Biological Dentistry and Integrative Medicine.

Study Area 3

Laser Dentistry

Minimally invasive yet fully functional is the foundation of Biological Dentistry. Making use of Laser Dentistry is essential in most dental treatments, which means the resident will learn the principles and procedures of Laser Dentistry for clinical and surgical use.

Study Area 4

Immunotherapies in
Biological Dentistry

We have a deep understanding of the vital connection between oral health and systemic health and have developed a wide range of Biological Immunotherapies that can be combined with dental procedures, in order to boost the patient’s immune system and contribute to healthy longevity. Dr. Ana Paz, who developed the exclusive Paz Protocol, will walk our resident through it all.

Day 6

Blood test prescription and interpreting results

Diagnostics is essential to outlining a proper treatment plan and the starting point is a blood test – knowledge regarding blood indicators and how to interpret them is crucial and the most precise way to comprehend if there are imbalances in the body that could be contributing to the root cause of the health problem. Our resident will also understand that this is a vital tool for evaluating changes and improvements before and after dental surgery.

Day 7

ART (Autonomic Response Testing)

ART is a meticulous diagnostic technique that allows the detection of the real cause of illness, disturbances in the body, allergies and their entry points. As the resident will learn, this biological protocol is key to establishing a suitable treatment, helping the patient understand symptoms and underlying health issues. The resident will continue to be mentored by Dr. Ana Paz.

Study Area 5

S.M.A.R.T (Safe Amalgam Removal Technique) Protocol and Management of complex interdisciplinary treatment plans

The S.M.A.R.T protocol is essential for safely removing all metals from the human body, starting with the mouth. Our resident will not only learn the major techniques and principles regarding chelation therapy, but also how to detoxify the entire organism with our exclusive protocols. Learning how an effective treatment plan and its correct approach can help save time and stress, while obtaining optimal outcomes is another core focus.

Study Area 6

Protocols for
guided surgery

White Clinic is renowned for its rigorous protocols applied to both simple and complex dental cases: from facial scan to CBCT and intraoral scan acquisition. The resident will gain in-depth knowledge on how the different systems function and how to plan each type of case from start to finish, using guided surgery.

Study Area 7

Digital workflow in prosthodontics: scan, design, 3D printing and milling procedures

One full day completely dedicated to digital workflow in a privileged environment, where the resident will contact with the most advanced digital dentistry protocols and different intraoral scanners, laboratory scanners, facial scanner, 3D printers, milling machine, among other high-tech digital devices and software.

Study Area 8

Tutoring with Dr. Miguel Stanley: Revolutionising Dentistry and Healthcare

Dr. Miguel Stanley, one of the most famous dentists on the planet, is a worldwide recognised leader in his field, who has allowed us to see beyond what was coming. A true visionary, who has been dictating, teaching and practicing the dentistry of the future for 24 years, Dr. Stanley actively drives innovation at the White Clinic, introducing novel concepts and therapies, delving into regenerative medicine and longevity, while pursuing the advancement of biological and integrative dentistry and healthcare.

Admission requirements

Minimum 5 years of clinical experience

Proof of having performed implant dentistry

Must be able to use a rubber dam proficiently

Must know how to document clinical cases

Presentation of

2 implant cases

2 guided bone regeneration cases

2 restorative dentistry cases

2 cosmetic dentistry cases

5 cases of complex treatment planning

Two letters of recommendation from people within the industry

Pass the application process:

1) online examination

2) interview with Dr. Miguel Stanley

Proof of fluency in English or Portuguese

Availability to stay in Portugal for 1 week

Proof of financial solvency to make the tuition investment

Required application materials

A complete application consists of:

Online application form


Complete résumé

2 letters of recommendation

Statement of Purpose

Demonstration of language proficiency (English or Portuguese)

Presentation of two amalgam removal cases

When you are ready to apply, please complete the following online application.

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