Photobiomodulation in dentistry

Clinical results in dentistry are influenced by many factors and can be improved by taking advantage of the body’s natural mechanisms. It is fundamental to take into account the patient’s diet and supplementation, especially pre and post-operatively, as this has an impact on the healing of hard (bone) and soft (gum) tissues; however, there are […]

Staying ahead of the curve: Dr. Ana Paz talks to Inside Dentistry

Ana Paz, DDS, MS, is aware that many of her peers who are recent dental school graduates have gravitated toward specialization and efficiency, but she believes that the future of dentistry lies in the opposite approaches. The power of photobiomodulation Increasingly, many of those new protocols involve the use of lasers, and one of the […]

Dr. Miguel Stanley’s White Clinic Provides its Dental Patients with Mycoocoon Color Therapy

Dr. Miguel Stanley, considered one of the top 100 dentists in the world, is the founder and clinical director of the internationally-recognized White Clinic, a leading Dental Center based in Lisbon. An early adapter to technological innovations, Dr. Stanley uses mycoocoon’s lights and micro interventions to support dental patients during pre and post procedure. Mycoocoon […]

The importance of medical care after amalgam removal and bone cavitation removal

Prompt treatment through supplements for chelation and bone support after amalgam removal, as well as after dental cavitation surgery, leads to a significantly more positive success rate in patients. This has been demonstrated in clinical and scientific investigation studies. These types of protocols are unknown to most dentists. It is important that professionals in the […]

The importance of oral health in systemic health: commentary by Dr. Daniela Fontes

For this essay, our guest is Dr. Daniela Fontes, an anaesthesiologist who later dedicated herself to integrative functional medicine, initially for personal reasons, but which eventually led to her professional career. Here, she shares her personal experience, where dentistry played an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of general health. Dr. Daniela Fontes, in […]

Dental treatment in sleep-related breathing disorders

The treatment of sleep disorders is an area that is expanding in medical care and physicians are currently placing more importance on sleep as a primary or secondary risk factor for many systemic conditions. In addition, dentists have been participating in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders, and this article aims to review the […]

Why use ozone therapy in dentistry?

The oral cavity is an open ecosystem, with a dynamic balance between the entry of microorganisms, their colonisation, and the host’s defense, which aims to remove pathogens. To prevent their elimination, bacteria need to adhere to hard dental surfaces or epithelial surfaces. The formation and development of the oral biofilm and the internal selection of […]

NAD+ supplementation, a complementary therapy in dentistry?

NAD+ is a substrate for a number of important enzymes, including poly (ADP-ribose), polymerase (PARP) and sirtuin 1 (SIRT1), known as a longevity protein. NAD+ is also essential in metabolic processes such as the creation of ATP in mitochondria (cellular organelles responsible for producing energy), which is very important in post-surgical recovery. NAD+ accepts and […]

Low-dose naltrexone at the pain consultation

Low-dose Naltrexone (LDN) is gaining acceptance in a wide range of medical fields. Its reduced side effects, alongside its high potential for improving the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases, make LDN a critical supplement in curing these diseases. In a comprehensive review of the scientific literature published in the Journal of the […]