We are recognised by other international dentists as one of the best dental clinics in the world


Not only based on our services, but also due to the technology and materials we use, as well as for our ethically-driven, minimally invasive biological approach to dentistry and the interdisciplinary team we have worked with for many years.

Our Treatments


We have been working with clear aligners for over 18 years now, offering very advanced comprehensive treatment planning and solutions for all ages. Smilers®️ clear dental aligners are the latest high-tech French orthodontic appliance company that make transparent aligners designed to correct the alignment of your teeth. These aligners are designed to apply gentle mechanical forces to correct minor defects in teeth. As a result, each of your aligners will gradually initiate movement of your teeth, thereby correcting their position. Smilers®️ aligners are made in high-tech factories located in the south of France, in Salon-de-Provence, where the latest 3D printers allow us to manufacture custom-made aligners for your dental treatment plan. It is also currently the only system in the world that uses 3D cone beam technology in association with the intraoral scan to plan its cases with an advanced proprietary software called Nemotec.

 Let us know what system you prefer.


Learn more about the safe tooth whitening system we use at the White Clinic. Our team recommends several treatment options depending on each case. We were pioneers in using Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, which bleaches your teeth up to eight shades in just 1h30 in the dental chair. The treatment includes, free of charge, your take-home tray and a special gel so you can continue your bleaching protocol at home. This technology significantly speeds up the bleaching process and safely delivers astonishing and safe results that you’ll get in just one appointment at White Clinic. We were the first clinic in the country to use this system and experience matters. We are also always on the search for more advanced techniques and technologies, so be sure to look out for new exciting products we can offer.


From a simple dental extraction or difficult wisdom teeth to the most complex implant surgeries, our experienced team is prepared to take on your case. Our surgery rooms are prepared in the most hygienic and disinfected way possible to avoid cross-contamination and are extremely well-equipped and staffed. We always follow the Slow Dentistry principles to ensure your and our safety. Our surgeons use the most advanced techniques, technologies, and surgical materials to solve any problem. We offer IV sedation with an anaesthesiologist if needed, as well as all required medication and supplements to improve efficacy, healing and boost the immune system. We have on location: lasers, ultrasonic technology, advanced healing factors, bone regeneration materials, and much more to guarantee that everything is ready for you if necessary. We have one of the best protocols for wisdom tooth extraction in the world.


Your smile deserves the best and we are minimally invasive in everything we do. That’s why, when needed, we use high-tech smile design software to design your new smile before we start and with the help of 3D printers test it before removing any of your healthy enamel. These procedures can save you dental stress and disappointment, increasing confidence in your doctors, and in our procedures. We were one of the first clinics worldwide to implement this innovative concept as a standard. In many cases, we find that the patient should first undergo orthodontics to improve the position of the teeth before placing veneers, in order to be less aggressive and more biological. We love natural beauty.

Our doctors follow minimally invasive dentistry, avoiding aggressive treatments, to achieve the perfect smile, using only the best materials from Switzerland, Japan, Germany or Liechtenstein, to deliver your dream smile. Our philosophy, No Half Smiles, ensures that it is not only going to look natural and beautiful, but it will also be mechanically functional and, consequently, long-lasting.


Dr. Miguel Stanley lectures all around the world at the most important dental conferences, on the most advanced techniques in modern Implant Dentistry. We have a vast stock of dental implants, which allows us to select not just an implant, but the perfect implant for your case. 100% of our patients perform a pre-surgical digital CBCT and, in most cases, we use 3D printed surgical guides, or even guided navigation technology using special software, making sure nothing fails during your dental surgery. When possible, we can place your provisional teeth over the implants on the same day. We offer high-quality French and Swiss implants for patients looking only for the best. Our implants have the Clean Implant certification.


Do you have headaches, migraines, posture pain, and cannot find the root cause? Is one side of your body not stretching as well as the other? Physiotherapy and osteopathy not helping you? Then Dental Occlusion, the field of dentistry that studies and corrects your bite and also your posture can really help you. An appointment with our specialist can easily reveal if your problem starts with your teeth. For more than 22 years we have identified that poorly performed or failed dental treatments are the root cause of problems in our body. We use high-end digital technology, such as our Tekscan, which can instantly analyse your bite and we can see this on a computer. It measures pressure and premature contacts. In addition, by using our 3D scanners and specialised software, we can diagnose, plan and treat you with patented sleep devices in combination with adhesive dentistry to correct not just your bite but your posture. Your yoga or pilates instructor will be impressed!


Paediatric Dentistry is dedicated to the oral health of children and young teens. Many of the dentists at the White Clinic are also parents, so our primary focus is to make sure that our own children receive the best dental treatment on the market. We want all of our excellence and expertise to benefit the little ones too. We offer very safe, conscious sedation if necessary and can use laser dentistry for less noise when possible, in order to reduce dental phobia and dental anxiety to a minimum. We are also pioneers in Portugal in the use of paediatric functional appliances to help grinding and improve breathing in children.


Our specialist, Dr. Alessandra Curto, has been working with the White Clinic for over 18 years, and has successfully treated thousands of cases using the latest Orthodontic techniques. Both traditional and invisible solutions are available. You get to choose what’s best for you. We have the most advanced options for both teenagers and adults. Our track record is impressive and experience matters.


Our teeth are connected to our brain and the rest of our body, including the immune system, in more ways than one. Many illnesses may be associated with dental problems. This comes as a surprise to many, as most dental problems cause no pain at all and most doctors treating you don’t know how bad your teeth may be, and most dentists don’t make the connection or lack tools like a 3D CT scan to properly diagnose deeper issues that can make you very sick and weak. At the White Clinic, we are focused on making a detailed diagnosis to discover oral diseases that may be the root cause of compromised immune systems, chronic illnesses or inflammation in the body. Alongside our truly advanced diagnostic tools, we also use ART – Autonomous Response Testing, to assist us in figuring out your health issues, as well as specific blood tests and metal sensitivity tests. We will provide a medical and not just a dental treatment plan, which includes only the best biocompatible and metal-free materials such as ceramic or zirconia implants if needed, to improve not only your oral health and smile, but also your systemic health. We are the first and only clinic in Portugal to work this way. Ask us about immune dentistry. 


For over 2 decades we have studied that a large percentage of endodontic or root canal procedures we see in new patients performed elsewhere, are either poorly executed or incomplete. The main reason? Not enough time dedicated to treat the tooth during this important procedure. Other reasons include not using a rubber dam or bioceramics, as well as not using sterile instruments or a microscope. In response to poor quality dentistry, our specialists use the most advanced technologies, practising Slow Dentistry, and use a rubber dam and a microscope in 100% of our cases. We also only use the best materials and technology for greater efficiency, to save your tooth, and ensure that all the canals are properly treated. Ozone and laser can also be used to ensure better efficacy and, ultimately, better oral health. An alternative to this procedure is dental extraction and immediate placement of an implant. This is a more invasive procedure and should be carefully discussed. 


PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin, is a 100% biological blood platelet concentrate with a powerful regenerative potential. Not to be confused with PRP – Protein Rich Platelets that has a very similar process, but does not have the same advanced regenerative properties. Our own blood contains cells capable of inducing and accelerating the process of tissue regeneration and repair. Our doctors directly collaborate, and publish works with the world’s leading scientists in this field, including regenerative dentistry. We use it for all our dental and oral surgery procedures and apply the same technique to facial aesthetics. We have developed an exclusive specific protocol called the Paz Protocol. In this procedure, we also use a cell bio-stimulation device that works with a LED light, to further potentiate all our biological dentistry treatments. This procedure is 100% safe, organic, natural and biological and uses no chemicals. Book an appointment for this amazing non-toxic procedure or ask us about the other areas of intervention we use it for.

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