Clinical Director & Oral Surgery and Rehabilitation Department

I am the founder and Clinical Director of White Clinic based in Lisbon, Portugal. I am responsible for a team of dental specialists focused on complex cosmetic oral rehabilitation. I have been practicing since 1998, having graduated from ISCS-Egas Moniz (the largest private institute dedicated to higher studies in medicine) and did postgraduate training at the Branemark CEOSA centre in Madrid in 1999, completing my training in cosmetic dentistry in 2000, at the same faculty. I then went on to train in functional aesthetics and occlusion (blood flow restriction) in Chicago in 2005.

I was the first Portuguese active member and expert provider for Dental XP (online education platform) since 2006. As an exclusive lecturer for major implant companies, I focus on my philosophy ‘No Half Smiles™’ and complex cosmetic implant surgery and practice management, having spoken in 32 countries since 2002, in three different languages. I have been the creator and producer of seven makeover TV shows in Portugal on major networks since 2005. I was also part of American broadcaster CBS’ show ‘The Doctors’ in Hollywood, USA in 2013. In 2012, I wrote my book ‘Health on the Path to Happiness’.



Esthetic Dentistry Department

My name is Inês Costa Miguel and I have been a dentist since 2007. I graduated in dentistry from Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz (ISCSEM) and realized early on that my area of interest was Esthetic Dentistry. In 2007, I joined White Clinic and dedicated my clinical practice exclusively to Esthetic Dentistry and Fixed Prosthodontics. Following graduation in 2008, in order to improve my knowledge of the area of expertise, I attended a postgraduate course in Esthetic Dentistry at ISCSEM. Between 2009 and 2011, I studied for my Masters in Dental Aesthetics at the International University of Cataluña, in Barcelona. In 2019, I did a postgraduate course in Periodontology at Instituto Universitário Egas Moniz. I attended some scientific conferences and participated as co -author in some clinical posters. Since 2009 I have been responsible for the Esthetic Dentistry Department at White Clinic and, for me, nothing is more rewarding than seeing a big beaming smile at the end of each treatment!



Endodontics Department

My name is Carlos Morais. I have been a dentist since 2006 when I graduated from Faculdade de Ciências da Saúde from University Pessoa in Porto. I have been part of White Clinic’s team since 2007, the same year that I did a post-graduate course in prosthetics at the Amial (Porto) course center. Even though my specialty is Endodontics, as White Clinic’s focus is oral rehabilitation, I felt the need to improve my knowledge in implantology and therefore in 2008 I attended a postgraduate course at Same Day Solutions. The same year at the International University of Cataluña, I began my Endodontics Masters and completed it in 2010. Since then I have dedicated my practice to Endodontics, not only at the clinic but also as a teacher for courses at EndoAcademy.

I have had the opportunity to hold presentations at several national and international congresses, as well as being the author of posters and scientific articles in the field of Endodontics. In 2014, I completed the Maillefer Teachers Training Course. I am currently a member of the European Society of Dental Microscopy and also of Dental XP.



Oral Surgery and Rehabilitation Department

My name is Susana Leite Gomes. I graduated in dental medicine from the Instituto

Ciências da Saúde Egas Moniz-Sul, in 2008. The same year I joined the White Clinic

team, where I started my professional training as a dentist in the Surgery and Oral Rehabilitation department. During my training, I learnt the importance of being part of a multidisciplinary team and consequently in 2010 I did a postgraduate course in ‘Implantology and Prosthesis over Implants’ at the Velasco Institute in São Paulo, Brazil. Due to my passion and interest in this subject, in 2012 I did another postgraduate degree also in São Paulo in ‘Implantology and advanced oral surgery’, where I had the opportunity to develop techniques like elevation of the maxillary sinus and immediate loading over implants. Since 2010, I have been performing fixed and removable oral rehabilitation at White Clinic. In 2015, I did a postgraduate course in ‘Atrophic Maxilla Rehabilitation’ in Braga, Portugal. In the area of surgery, I recently obtained (2016) a postgraduate degree in “Periodontology and Implantology Tissue Manipulation” with Dr Miguel Costa. In 2019, I did a postgraduate course in Clinic Periodontology at Instituto Universitário Egas Moniz.



Orthodontics Department

My name is Alessandra Curto. I completed my dentistry degree in Italy at the University of Bari in 1989. Becoming a dentist runs in the family, my parents and grandparents were dentists. . After twelve years’ practice at my own clinic in Italy, my life choices led me to practice in Lisbon, where I chose to dedicate myself exclusively to orthodontics, which has always been my passion.

My first steps in orthodontics were taken at a course run by Dr Genome in Rome. He taught me the latest principles of application of forces. After that, I did a practical course at Tweed Foundation in Arizona. This was followed by a course at the University of Napoli in orthodontic diagnosis and TMJ pathology. I also did a postgraduate diploma in orthodontic diagnosis and TMJ pathology at the University of Napoli. The seminars with Doctors Roth, Mc Laughing and Ricketts were enriching. Internships in TMJ pathology at New York University with Dr Gelb and periodontal surgery in Boston with Dr Nevins were a step forward to include articulation and osteopathic support in my diagnosis. In addition, I did a course in lingual technique with Dr Scuzzo in Rome. I became certified in the Invisalign technique in 2005 and obtained a Masters in Damon System in 2012; both considered the most innovative techniques to date. I have been part of the White Clinic team since 2002 where I am in charge of the orthodontics department, essentially following cases in adults and complex rehabilitations. So far, after 27 years’ experience, I have treated over 2,000 cases successfully.


Team Work

We have regular meetings to discuss our cases


Oral Rehabilitation and Pediatric Dentistry

My name is Catarina and I completed my masters degree in Dental Medicine in 2016 at the Faculty of Dentistry, Univesity of Lisbon. My masters thesis was about implantology.

In 2018, I completed a course on Direct Anterior and Posterior Restorations with Prof. Ronaldo Hirata and, since June 2019, I am a postgraduate in Biomimetic Oral Rehabilitation. Since joining the White Clinic team in 2016, I have also been continuously training in digital dentistry (3D printers, intraoral scanners, digital smile design, complex rehabilitation planning and guided surgery software, etc.). I have been responsible for the pediatric dentistry department since 2017.

In WHITE CLINIC, the team work, the dynamism, the most advanced technology and tecniques that we use in all fields of dentistry, allows me to become a better dentist every day. Studying and documenting the most complex and interdisciplinary cases in great scientific detail have contributed hugely to my dental education. In addiction to this I fully intend to continue to invest in my education with the objetive of continually incresing my knowledge and keeping up with the latest technologies.



Scientific Research and Development Department and General Dentist

I am Ana Paz and I graduated in Dentistry from the Faculdade de Medicina Dentária de Lisboa (FMDUL) in 2017.

Since I started University, I was always interested in conciliating my clinical activity with scientific research. While I was in University I belonged to the scientific research group of Oral Biology.

I did my master thesis in Endodontics, with Dr. Carlos Morais help, dedicating part of my clinical practice to this speciality.

During my clinical internship, I worked with Dr. Alessandra Curto, with whom I learnt the applications of Damon System and Invisalign, becoming orthodontics one of my passions.

Since treating the patient as a whole is one of my main objectives, at the moment I am doing a pos-graduation in General Clinical Medicine at Faculdade de Medicina Dentária de Lisboa. I have a postgraduate degree in Integrated Clinic from the University of Lisbon and a postgraduate degree in Forensic Medicine from the Center for Criminal Studies in Madrid, Spain.

In White Clinic, in addition to my clinical activity with patients, I am responsible for the Scientific Research and Development Department, whose function is to investigate the best materials and technologies that should be used in clinical practice. This allows me to be always informed about the best procedures and to be able to share information with the international scientific community.

I am a member of the Digital Dentistry Society and am deeply interested in the area of regenerative medicine and facial aesthetics with the application of PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin). I am currently pursuing a specialization in Biological Dental Medicine and Ceramic Implants in Zurich, Switzerland, and am part of a research project at the Goethe University Hospital in Frankfurt on applied photobiomodulation therapy in the maxillofacial area.



Oral Hygiene and Periodontology department

My name is Petra Menezes and I graduated in Oral Hygiene in 2016 from Faculdade de Medicina Dentária, University of Lisbon. In that same year I joined the White Clinic team, where I am responsible for the Department of Oral Hygiene and Periodontology.

The work I do is aimed at keeping the oral integrity and health of my patients through prevention and maintenance, which are a key factor for the wellbeing of an individual. This task is simplified when the help of a multidisciplinary team and latest technology is available, such as the ones available at White Clinic.

I’m an active member in charity movements targeted at people of a low socioeconomic level, chronically sick and with delicate oral pathology’s, which has allowed me to become more skilled in these areas. I also organize movements that, in a school environment, teach young students about oral health. I do this because I believe that early education provides a lower level of minor oral diseases, and greatly increases the knowledge of general health.

I also attend numerous seminars and conventions for updates and specialization, which enables me to closely and continuously update myself about the most recent developments in the areas of oral hygiene and dental medicine, allowing me to execute my service with techniques and methods more capable of changing smiles.


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