Real same day dentistry:
Your solution in one day

Real same day dentistry:
Your solution in one day

Invest in your smile,
invest in better oral health

White Clinic is led by Dr. Miguel Stanley and has a multidisciplinary team of dentists with more than 23 years of experience in biological and immune dentistry, in regenerative and integrative medicine. At White Clinic we work with the most innovative technologies and follow a 100% digital workflow that ensures that our patients get the best result on the same day, if needed and when possible.

Thanks to our private in-house lab and advanced materials, 3D printers and milling machines, we are fully equipped and experienced to help you solve these dental problems on the same day:

  • Dentes lascados
  • Coroas ou pontes partidas sobre dentes ou implantes
  • Cáries extensas com indicação para onlays/inlays
  • Problemas estéticos ou funcionais com indicação para coroas ou facetas
  • Extracção dentária com colocação de implante e coroa imediata
  • Dentaduras impressas em 3D
  • Chipped teeth
  • Crowns or broken bridges over teeth or implants
  • Extensive caries with an indication for onlays/inlays
  • Cosmetic or functional problems with an indication for crowns or veneers
  • Dental extraction with an immediate implant and crown placement
  • 3D printed dentures

Our high-tech, streamlined protocols can reduce the time and costs associated with your dental appointment.

3D scan



3D Design


Before & after on the same day

Same Day Dentistry:
your smile restored in one day.

This is why our team is invited every year to give lectures at the most prestigious conferences in the world on technology and workflow.

See and feel the difference.
Schedule a visit to the White Clinic and discover the power of your smile.

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    Warning: May not be applicable to more complex dental procedures that require previous regenerative medicine treatments. All procedures involve a consultation, performed on the same day, for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan, aligned with our biological dentistry protocols.