Real Same Day Dentistry: Your solution in one day.

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INVEST IN YOUR SMILE: “Time is money”

White Clinic is led by Dr. Miguel Stanley and has a multidisciplinary team of dentists with more than 20 years of experience. At White Clinic we work with the most innovative technologies and follow a 100% digital workflow that ensures that our patients get the best result on the day, when possible.

Flow Same Day Dentistry

We can help you solve these problems on the same day:

• Split or chipped teeth

• Crowns or broken bridges on teeth

• Extensive caries with an indication for onlays / inlays

• Pigmented teeth with facet indication

• Aesthetic problems with an indication for crowns or facets

• Extraction with an immediate implant and crown placement

Our protocols can reduce the time and costs associated with your dental practice.

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    Real Same Day Dentistry: Your solution in one day.

    Come and find out why our team has been invited to give lectures at the most prestigious conferences in the world to demonstrate this new format of work.

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    Warning: May not be applicable to more complex procedures that require previous regenerative treatment. All procedures involve a consultation, performed on the same day, for a complete diagnosis and treatment plan.