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The Biological Dental Medicine

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Biological Dentistry, uses only the best biocompatible materials and always recognized with the White Clinic quality.

If you are ill and your doctor cannot figure out what’s going on with you, your old dental treatments may be causing harm to you. Chronic inflammation around poorly treated teeth with infections may be causing you health problems that no one else can see but your dentist since they are well trained to do so.

Our Biological Dentistry Department uses only 100% of biocompatible materials. It is the next level of dental medicine, which considers the human body as a whole, combining the various areas of dental medicine with the holistic component of general medicine.

Biological Dentistry not only gives importance to the masticatory system and the aesthetics of the smile, but its primary objective is also to improve the general health of the individual, trying to use the procedures and materials that are more biocompatible with our body. It is a more specific, personalized dental medicine for each person.

Our dental extractions follow a unique protocol to disinfect the extraction site to prevent future cavitation infections (NICO) with ozone therapy, and an individualized regimen of regenerative medicine for rapid healing using growth factors (Platelet Rich Fibrin, known as PRF) and photobiostimulation laser, among some of our exclusive treatments.

Did you know that…

Our dental chairs have an amalgam filter, which is one of the most used materials in the world to treat caries that contain mercury, a neurotoxin for humans and the environment. Each year the oceans are more polluted with this highly toxic material. For more than 20 years White Clinic has developed a specific solution to filter this material and prevent it from entering the sewage system.

Since 1998 our Clinical Director, Dr. Miguel Stanley, prevents the use of this material in his patients. Over the decades we have been using more and more biocompatible materials.

Our Biological Dentistry Department was recently created to take a step forward; we found a correlation between chronic inflammation in the mouth and general health problems.

The results are unbelievable. High-profile athletes who are concerned about their performance, patients with autoimmune diseases who sought advice from doctors in different fields and specialties of medicine, such as neurologists and general practitioners, were not finding the cause of the problem.

Our Biological Dentistry department offers a simple and effective dental-medical treatment plan, solving problems of the human body, improving general health through dental treatments that refer to biological dentistry as the foundation.

Most of our patients are referred by therapists who follow a more biological philosophy, proficient on diagnosing the correlation between the internal disharmony of our body and our dental problems.

During our interventions, all metals are safely removed and replaced with biocompatible materials, as well as endodontic treatments, foreign bodies, and infections in the bone, known as NICO (ischemic osteonecrosis).

All these interventions are done safely after a detailed diagnosis with the help of technologies such as CBCT, epigenetic tests and other complementary diagnostic tests such as blood and intolerance tests, like the Melissa test.

Do you have symptoms your doctors cannot diagnose?

At White Clinic, we have diagnostic tools such as digital CBCT that allow us to identify the presence of wounds in the oral cavity that may be damaging other organs, since the meridians of our body cross the oral cavity and are activated daily by 15,000 dental contacts. It is for this reason that the dental position and its corresponding meridian should be activated by a healthy tooth or at least by a non metallic zirconia (ceramic) implant. 

Ceramic implants, also known as zirconium oxide implants, are an excellent choice for dental rehabilitation. Ceramic implants are composed of zirconium oxide, biocompatible and bio-inert material capable of establishing a functional connection with living bone. Since the ceramic implant is developed using the latest technology, it limits the possibility that there may be potential for corrosion stress, as well as eliminates the possibility of allergy or intolerance.

Any patient is qualified to be treated following the concept of Biological Dentistry. There are more and more athletes and patients with autoimmune diseases who identify that the problems they have in other organs may be associated with their dental issues.

The technological development and regenerative dental medicine, allows us to have more individualized treatments for each patient.

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Chronic inflammation

If you make an appointment with our Biological Dentistry Department; you will be checked with our digital CBCT to see if you have dental treatments that are causing you harm.

Our department provides a careful examination, accompanied by the most advanced technologies that White Clinic has, along with the state of the art workflows of the best dental clinics in Switzerland with whom we maintain a close scientific relationship. This way, we make the scientific and credible assurance that we can eliminate metals in the mouth, chronic infections of the body, exchanging old treatments with 100% biocompatible materials, such as ceramic implants, so that you can have a mouth free of metals.


Principles of Biological Dentistry

  • Use of 100% biocompatible materials
  • Removal of amalgams with a procedure involving high-speed aspiration, masks, and rubber-specific goggles (SlowDentistry), to ensure that nothing is aspirated through the airways or eyes, making sure that mercury does not enter in your body.
  • Verification of devitalization through TAC. If they are not 100% intact, we advocate extracting these teeth and replacing them with zirconium / ceramic implants.
  • Elimination of cavitation zones resulting from poorly healed extractions.

Our department performs blood tests and supplementation to increase and improve the blood system.

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Biological Dentistry is an alternative approach to conventional dental medicine, where not only oral health will be taken into consideration but also the patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing.